Material and data flows management - Maximum transparency

Material and data flows management

MMS Information System

Maximum transparency

The STILL MMS information system keeps you informed about all relevant data, such as status of current orders or individual articles. The system quickly generates numerous logistic key figures and provides these for presentation or for export.

The STILL MMS information system uses the data registered and saved during operation. The updated information allows handling your daily business in a perfect way and keeps you informed on the status of the warehouse and the system. Using historical data, the STILL MMS information system detects potentials for optimisation that can be implemented in the future. Use the STILL MMS to keep an overview of your data.


Your benefits:

  • Views of the central control stand in the MMS depict the warehouse administration and the truck control system (overview of transports, stock information etc.)
  • Statistics and evaluations by the system (e.g. amounts of goods received or despatched weekly, monthly or annually)
  • Process documents generated by the MMS (delivery notes, loading lists etc.)
  • Export of information from MMS (e.g. Excel database access via SQL-Editor)

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