Diesel and LP Gas Forklift Trucks - Everything is covered.

Diesel and LP Gas Forklift Trucks

Everything is covered.

Powerful, efficient, low-emission. Fitted with state-of-the-art engine technology, the RX 70 diesel and LPG trucks from STILL provide clean performance in any situation. And we mean this literally: Virtually all the models are well below the legal requirements for emissions, even without soot particulate filters. And they offer the best possible performance in any load capacity class from compact to massive. STILL diesel and LPG trucks score in rough outdoor or heavy indoor applications with reliable turnover capacity. Thanks to capsulated components they are always ready, even in dusty or humid environments. And the diesel trucks present themselves as notably fuel efficient: They need up to 17 per cent less fuel than their best competitors. Perfect interaction between human and machine, based on well-thought ergonomics: Back-friendly seats, large access steps and spacious cabins promise comfortable work.

Basic Truck Application Type Operational Area
R Counterbalanced Rider Truck
X X-cellence Application
70 Outdoor LPG/Diesel Transport


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STILL Internal Combustion Forklifts - entry level trucks and hybrids

Although electric forklifts can successfully handle loads today in most industries for a relatively low total cost of ownership for the fleet, IC forklifts can still be a more profitable solution. They are typically slightly cheaper than their electric counterparts, but their long-term running costs are more expensive. Because of this, they are recommended to companies that have some need for internal transport but not one that is central to the business. Without this frequent and regular usage, the return on investment for an electric vehicle would take too long to achieve. Another important deciding factor in whether a gas or diesel forklift is the right choice for a company is the level of ventilation in the places where the vehciles are used. Due to the emission of exhaust gases from an IC engine, vehicles running on LPG and crude oil are recommended for outdoor use, under shelters, in open halls etc. Depending on the specifics of the client's plant, STILL Polska can offer a full cross-section of internal combustion forklifts or modern hybrid vehicles.

RCD / RCG series - internal combustion trucks with an excellent price-quality ratio

The internal combustion forklifts of the RCD / RCG series (diesel and gas-fired, respectively) are solid and efficient transport vehicles available in three capacity categories from 1.6 to 5.0 tons. These twin lines of diesel forklifts minimize the cost of purchasing a solid and reliable vehicle from a well-known brand and represent good quality at relatively low investment costs. Both series of trucks offer convenience of control thanks to the hydraulic levers close to the seat and an adjustable steering column. The suspended cab absorbs vibrations while driving on uneven surface and its structure - with a low dashboard, large windows and narrow roof pillars - ensures excellent visibility in all directions. RCD / RCG internal combustion forklifts are available with different fork lengths and varied masts. The combined high residual capacity and engine power makes the models of this series a universal solution that can handle all jobs typical for this class of vehicle.

Service Offer

Service Offer

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