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High up in very narrow aisles

Individuality and functionality for top requirements: With the STILL VNA trucks MX-X and GX-Q, you access both sides of the aisle in your high bay warehouse without having to turn the truck around - top performance in narrow aisles.

And the trucks do not only lift the forks but also the cabin with flexible configurations up to a storage height of over 18 meters. This way these very narrow aisle trucks allow to order pick individual articles manually as well as storing and retrieving complete pallets.

Every high bay rack is different: Thanks to the modular design of the STILL VNA trucks, we have an individual answer to any application.

Load capacities of up to 1.5 tons and maximum speeds of 14 km/h are only one aspect of the enormous turnover capacity that is available with the STILL MX-X and GX-Q. In addition, there are smart assistance systems than make work faster, easier and safer.

  • up to 18110 mm
  • up to 1500 kg
  • up to 12850 mm
  • up to 1500 kg
  • up to 10,5 km/h
Basic Truck Application Type Special / Attachments
M Modular Narrow Aisle Truck (Man Up)
G Narrow Aisle Truck (Man Down)
X X-cellence Application
Q Telescopic Forks
X Turret Head Forks


  • STILL very narrow aisle trucks PDF, 8 MB Download
  • VNA guidelines - Guidelines VNA warehouses PDF, 7 MB Download


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