STILL Mission Statement

We are available for our customers. Their satisfaction guides our activities

It is our task to actively contribute to our customer's success. We are driven by our customer's current and future needs.
With customized solutions, we win our customers’ trust every day. Satisfied customers are the basis for our sustainable success.

We offer excellent solutions and apply intralogistics to create a competitive advantage for our customers.

We enhance our customer's performance with competence and innovation. To take the lead in the industry, we invest in our employees and technologies.
We courageously move into innovative fields such as digitisation or automation. In doing so, we will obtain responses to future questions. We focus on quality and longevity. Top claims for ergonomic comfort and user friendliness make our solutions unique.

We assume responsibility. Our strength is team performance.

Each one of us assumes responsibility for our company goals. We demand and encourage independent work based on individual responsibility. We collaborate as performance-oriented partners.
We give and expect open and helpful feedback to improve continuously. We foster the versatility and potentials of our employees and are accountable for the work life balance.

We conserve our environment and act sustainably.

Conserving a healthy environment maintains the basis of our existence. We make responsible use of natural resources. When developing new products, we consider their eco-footprint right from the start. We use recyclable materials and eco-friendly production processes. We design our workspaces eco-friendly. We oblige our suppliers and partners to operate eco-friendly.

We are reliable and act compliantly wherever we operate and respect social and cultural variety.

As an international company, we operate in different countries.
We adhere to legal provisions and internal guidelines. This is how we make a sustainable contribution to the development of societies.

We want to be a benefit to everyone who is associated with us.

We make constructive, solution-oriented and cooperative use of our strengths and capabilities to everyone's benefit.
Only a profitable company will secure jobs in the future. We achieve our corporate goals with competence and reliability. This pays off for our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

STILL - The Brand

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