Safety checks

Priority in intralogistics

Relying on us to carry out legal safety checks on trucks and racking and to provide innovative safety technologies for your transport systems is a proactive way to protect your employees, goods and the infrastructure of your warehouse.

The safety of your employees, trucks and systems is crucial to efficient intralogistics. STILL takes care of the scheduling and implementation of all legally required safety checks for trucks, attachments, chargers, batteries and racking. In addition, we offer a variety of innovative safety technologies, including visual warning systems, laser-assisted navigation aids and camera systems, which we have compiled into attractive safety packages for your convenience. STILL safety solutions help to reduce damage to goods and infrastructure in your warehouse and therefore to avoid the expense and inconvenience of downtime.

  • Our cutting-edge safety technology makes your forklift trucks even more efficient.
  • Our flexible packages can be combined to suit your specific requirements.


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