STILL Values

The STILL values inform our individual actions and our collaboration with colleagues, superiors, employees, customers, suppliers and applicants.

When developing our shared values STILL wanted to hear as many different voices and opinions as possible. So our new values reflect the beliefs of the entire STILL company and are an active part of our everyday work, STILL involved colleagues from every level, unit, and region in the development process.


We do what is right.

  • We act according to ethical, sustainability and compliance standards.
  • We say what we do and ‘walk the talk’.
  • We never walk away from our commitments.
  • We communicate truthfully, openly and timely.


We change and innovate.

  • We encourage new ideas.
  • We value different opinions and diversity.
  • We embrace new solutions and take calculated risks.
  • We take action and contribute to our shared goals.


We trust each other.

  • We approach our tasks with a strong and collaborative team spirit.
  • We share ideas openly and strive for full commitment.
  • We establish strong long-term relationships.
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.


We create outstanding customer value.

  • We shape the industry through innovation.
  • We understand our customers’ needs and deliver superior solutions and services.
  • We continuously increase efficiency and simplicity.
  • We invest in our people and technology to secure future success.