Double Decker High-Lift Pallet Truck EXD 18 Double Stacker Trucks

Double the load – half the time.

  • Precision storage on two decks owing to the unique pallet adjustment aid
  • Always safe on the move with the STILL OPTISPEED tiller
  • Increased product handling capacity because of different driving programmes
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The EXD 18 Double Deck High Lift Pallet Truck is a multi-talented all-rounder. Used as a low-lift pallet truck, it handles loads weighing up to 1,800 kg. As a double-deck truck, the compact and nimble device can lift 1,000 kg on the wheel arms as well as 800 kg on the forks, so HGVs are loaded and unloaded twice as fast and order picking tasks are noticeably speeded up. With the rounded fork tips, insertion into a pallet is particularly simple and safe.

Thanks to the OPTISPEED tiller, the speed is automatically adjusted to the distance from the equipment, providing a high degree of operating safety. All functions can be easily carried out with one hand, no matter which. Two versions of the EXD 18 are available: While the particularly compact length is an advantage of the EXD 18 K, the EXD 18 L scores highly with its larger battery, enabling up to eight hours of continuous use.

STILL EXD 18 high lift pallet truck battery case.

The EXD 18 in detail


  • High handling capacity and double load: Double deck operation for flexible use
  • High turnaround rate: Powerful, reliable and low-maintenance electrical drive and steering motor
  • Battery capacity of up to 375 Ah and lateral battery change available as well as the Li-Ion battery, which concentrates a large amount of energy and allows for easy interim charging
  • The right driving programme for all situations: Select maximum turnaround or maximum efficiency: ECO, BOOST or Blue-Q
  • Comfortable on the ramp: The hydraulic support wheels of the EXD 20 guarantee optimum traction and enable powerful movement on


  • Ergonomic and intuitive operation: Driving, lifting and steering processes can be simultaneously controlled by left- or right-handed operators using just one hand
  • Battery changing made easy: Lateral battery change option for even greater availability
  • Easing the workload: Easy to operate, ergonomically shaped STILL tiller head


  • The deep-drawn truck frame protects the feet of operators and others in public areas
  • The speed reduction based on lift height increases safety
  • Safety as standard: OPTISPEED tiller adapts speed automatically depending on distance between the operator and the truck
  • Safe around corners: Curve Speed Control automatically adapts speed to the steering angle when cornering


  • Best views for precise operation: Free view mast and centrally mounted tiller ensure clear view of the tips of the forks
  • Fatigue-free operation: Precise and intuitive electrical steering unit of the EXD 20
  • Both left- and right-handed users can intuitively operate all of the driving, lifting and lowering functions
  • Reliable, even in narrow spaces: Compact dimensions and high manoeuvrability
  • Precise operation even in the most confined spaces: Sensitive proportional valve control and creep speed function option


  • High pallet reloading rate: Compact size allows for quick and safe operation
  • Additional storage space for goods: Copes with narrow aisles thanks to its compact dimensions and high manoeuvrability
  • The built-in charger enables flexible and decentralised charging of the truck

Environmental Responsibility

  • Low operating costs: Low energy consumption and long maintenance intervals
  • Blue-Q efficiency mode allows energy savings of up to 7 percent at the press of a button, with no loss of performance
  • Applied environmental awareness: 95 percent of parts are recyclable
  • Very few noise emissions due to extremely quiet drive and lifting motor
  • ECO driving programme: Maximum energy efficiency at the touch of a button

Forklift driver assistance systems

Sharpening all senses: we can support you with our wide range of smart driver assistance systems and functions which will make your day-to-day work significantly easier. You will be able to drive in a safer, more comfortable, efficient and fatigue-free manner – in every driving situation.

Access authorisation (with Fleet Manager 4.x)

Access control perfectly integrated into the truck with different types of access authorisation for one or more trucks: with FleetManager 4.x you are free to choose the type of access authorisation for one or more trucks: chip, FleetManager card, your personal plant ID card or a PIN.

Thanks to the smart auto-logout function, the trucks are automatically deactivated after a freely selectable period of time – this also increases safety.

Access authorisation (without FleetManager 4.x) with PIN

Digicode systems (PIN) are an easy way to prevent unauthorised use of the truck. The truck can be started up quickly and easily, simply by entering the PIN code. This allows the user to limit access authorisation to specific individuals or groups. It is possible to configure up to ten PIN codes.

More information

Driver profile via FleetManager

Who can use which forklift truck for which area of application? How fast may a certain driver travel in the industrial truck?

The solution: our smart driver profiles in FleetManager 4.x. This web-based application allows the features of the truck to be adapted to the operator’s requirements, such as a reduction in travel, lifting or tilting speed or automatic activation of the lights.

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Li-Ion Technology

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The document provided for download is the updated version of the operating instructions for the standard truck. It does not include descriptions of customer options (Customer Option). For a concrete truck, please request the respective specific manual according to the serial number and the year of production from the STILL spare parts service.

Model Overview

Maximum capacity (kg)
Maximum lift height (mm)
Travel speed (km/h)
Battery voltage (V)
EXD 18 / Li-Ion 1.800 2.024 6 24