STILL Original Parts®

Safety begins with Original spare parts

What sets STILL apart is not only the high availability, quality and performance of the industrial trucks, but the fact that the spare parts are also subject to the same exact standards.

Why choose Original Parts®?


Only by using STILL Original parts have been subject to STILL’s exact quality standards and the use of high-quality materials, which in turn guarantees the highest level of safety for you and your trucks. Product and brand piracy is extremely harmful to those purchasing imitation products. Counterfeit products are manufactured under questionable production conditions and often come with considerable health and safety risks due to their inferior quality.


STILL Original parts® are certified and undergo intensive quality controls. They guarantee the highest levels of reliability and ‘Made in Germany’ quality. With a long service life and guaranteed minimum availability of 12 years, they ensure the ongoing operation of your fleet, help to retain the value of your trucks and prevent expensive downtimes. The fact that these imitations appear so much cheaper is due to the lack of quality controls and the use of inferior materials. There is no way of knowing what the subsequent costs incurred as a result of buying these imitations will be.


Only STILL Original Parts® can guarantee fast repairs with OEM quality. We can supply over 51,000 spare parts in the shortest possible time.

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Forks with special non-slip coating*

When driving on uneven surfaces, transporting grid boxes or when braking hard, the load on the forks can sometimes move about unintentionally. There are many advantages to applying a coating* as a retrofit:

  • easy on-site retrofitting (for all types of truck)
  • protects against slipping of the load and therefore increases work safety
  • increased safety thanks to colour signalling
  • reduces damage to goods
  • reduces noise emissions by damping goods picking
  • increases the abrasion resistance, therefore extending their service life
  • colour signals: greater visibility reduces risk of accidents
  • electrically conductive version also available

*Patent pending in Germany. Utility model protection in Germany


STILL Original super-elastic tyres

Super-elastic tyres from STILL are solid tyres made up of multiple layers. These are made entirely from a special rubber compound; they are extremely robust and are not air-filled. This limits the extent to which shocks and vibrations are absorbed.

The way that STILL Original super-elastic tyres are constructed makes them completely puncture-resistant and means they require zero servicing. They offer a very high degree of stability, with low rolling resistance and flexible handling options, as they can also be mounted on pneumatic tyre rims.

STILL Original super-elastic tyres are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

STILL Original solid rubber tyres

Solid rubber tyres from STILL are made from a highly resistant rubber compound, are not air-filled and have a very small diameter. Solid rubber tyres do not function as shock absorbers.

STILL Original solid rubber tyres are completely puncture-resistant and require zero servicing. They are ideal for transporting very heavy loads or for use in applications that require particularly precise handling.

STILL Original solid rubber tyres are designed for indoor use.

STILL Original pneumatic tyres

Pneumatic tyres from STILL are air-filled tyres made from a special rubber compound. They are designed to offer excellent driving comfort and a high degree of traction, and are also suitable for driving on uneven surfaces.

STILL pneumatic tyres provide the best possible shock absorption, helping to protect the truck, driver and load. Even when transporting extremely heavy loads and navigating tight corners, they offer high lateral stability and low rolling resistance.

STILL Original pneumatic tyres are intended for outdoor use.


Fuel filters

Dirt particles in the fuel can increase the degree of wear in combustion engines. Our STILL Original fuel filters remove dirt particles from the fuel and therefore help to extend the service life of our units.

In diesel engines, contaminated fuel can damage the injection pump and the injection nozzles. Original fuel filters from STILL remove dirt particles from your diesel, including dust or rust, ensuring that the components continue to perform at a high level for longer.

Only carefully selected high-quality materials are used in the manufacture of STILL Original fuel filters. Like all STILL products, the fuel filters are custom-made, which protects our STILL units against leaks. This prevents environmental pollution and damage to the vehicle.

How you benefit

  • Dirt particles are filtered out of fuel
  • Service life of the units is extended
  • Environmental pollution and vehicle damage are prevented

Air filters

Our STILL diesel units can only function at fill capacity with the optimum combination of fuel and air. With their optimised flow resistance, STILL Original air filters ensure consistently high efficiency with very low fuel consumption.

Our STILL Original air filters separate impurities such as dust, sand and soot from the air as it is sucked in. This helps to ensure optimum combustion with low pollutant emissions.

Our filters also protect the combustion chamber from the impurities that can cause soap formation and eventually engine wear.

How you benefit

  • Optimised flow resistance
  • Optimum combustion with low pollutant emissions
  • Protection against impurities

Oil filters

Modern, efficient engines require an adequate supply of engine oil to lubrication points such as pistons, piston rings and cylinder liners. Our STILL Original oil filters ensure the optimum supply of oil, prevent drops in performance and protect against engine damage.

The engine oil in the unit is constantly being contaminated with combustion residues, dust, coal and soot. STILL Original oil filters clean the lubrication circuit and prevent premature wear of the engine.

As long as the specified change intervals are observed, our STILL Original oil filters ensure consistently high engine performance.

How you benefit

  • Optimum oil supply
  • Cleaning of the lubrication circuit
  • Consistently high engine performance

Hydraulic oil filters

The key features of your STILL fleet include high machine availability, as well as the powerful function of the lifting, tilting and steering cylinders. The function of our STILL Original hydraulic oil filters is to protect our modern hydraulic systems from wear.

The most common impurities found in hydraulic systems, alongside water and air bubbles, are the solid particles that occur as a result of abrasion and edge erosion. With our STILL Original hydraulic oil filters, these impurities are effectively filtered out. STILL Original hydraulic oil filters help to guarantee performance and high machine availability.

How you benefit

  • High machine availability
  • Protection against wear
  • High performance and machine availability

More information

STILL Original driver’s seats are designed according to ergonomic guidelines and therefore offer a high level of comfort as well as safe and user-friendly handling. 

STILL Original driver’s seats are available in various versions and with numerous equipment options – tailored to your specific requirements.


More information

The majority of these highly sensitive components are developed in-house by STILL and are subject to the most stringent safety requirements. This means that all STILL Original electronic components are perfectly designed for use in STILL trucks and guarantee the best performance, availability and safety.


More information

Forklifts require regular servicing if they are to remain operational in the long term and function at full capacity. STILL Original servicing kits keep your trucks running smoothly and help to avoid unforeseen consequential costs. With a servicing kit from STILL, you have constant access to all the components required for servicing, meaning you can have your trucks back up and running in no time.

Our customised STILL Original servicing kits make servicing STILL industrial trucks simpler, quicker and more cost-effective than it would be to purchase each servicing component individually.


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