Work Health and Environment Protection

Health is man's greatest good.

Together we take all necessary precautions for the effective protection against health hazards at the workplace and also for the protection of our guests moving on our premises as well as against environmental damage. At STILL we achieve this goal through an integrated occupational health and safety and environmental protection management (AGU), which we continuously improve.


It is therefore important to us as management that we permanently adhere to the rules of our environmental protection management in all areas of our organization.


Our environmental protection principles are the foundation for this. Their core forms a guiding principle from which we derive certain values and principles for occupational safety, health and environmental protection. Our guiding principle, values and principles provide us with a common orientation in the daily practice of occupational safety, health and environmental protection.


"The AGU principles of STILL are our lighthouse, which gives us the necessary orientation every day and in every working situation to steer our corporate course in harmony with important social goals and values."


Integrity and credibility

  • We comply with laws and regulations as consistently as our internal rules, guidelines and directives. We ensure that we have the necessary knowledge and information.
  • We turn words into deeds


  • We assume responsibility for occupational safety, health and environmental protection within our personal sphere of influence.
  • We always work in a way that protects our own safety and that of those who may be affected by our actions or omissions.
  • We use our work equipment in accordance with the regulations applicable at the place of use.
  • We use the prescribed protective equipment provided by STILL.
  • We report every accident in which a person has been injured and every near-accident and actively support the implementation of measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Openness, respect and fairness

  • We speak openly and respectfully with each other. We accept constructive feedback and encourage everyone to take an active part in occupational safety, health and environmental protection.
  • We directly address any unsafe, non-healthy or environmentally harmful behaviour of colleagues or third parties.

Sustainability and ecological responsibility

  • We are committed to the efficient use of natural raw materials and energy sources. This is why we continuously optimize our production processes and keep emissions and discharges into the environment as low as possible.
  • When developing new products or production processes, we consider their environmental impact at an early stage. We use materials and processes that correspond to best environmental practice. We reduce waste by making optimum use of raw materials and use recyclable materials wherever possible.


  • We continuously inform and train all our employees in the fields of occupational safety, health and environmental protection.
  • We consistently identify sources of danger and eliminate them or reduce them to a minimum, thus creating a safe working environment.