Comprehensive expertise from a single source

STILL – your ideal partner for implementing tugger trains

Comprehensive expertise from a single source

The implementation of tugger train systems is a complex project that requires a comprehensive analysis of your logistics. The way to lean production essentially involves changing your current logistics processes. Comprehensive expertise is essential for analysing your existing processes and developing a customised solution.

As pioneers in the development of tugger train systems and with our strong network of partners, we support you throughout the implementation of your tugger train system to make the most of your intralogistics.

Who invented it?

Pioneers in tugger train development and inventors of the LiftRunner®


Inventing a tugger train is a great challenge. The STILL LiftRunner® was initially developed in 2008 together with BMW and has been used successfully by the car company for production supply since then. The STILL LiftRunner® is now established on the market and is continuing to set the standard in the industry.

Why STILL is the best partner for you

  • We are pioneers in tugger train development and we invented the LiftRunner®
  • We work with Dematic for supply chain and automation solutions and with LR Intralogistik
  • Our tugger train systems are produced in-house
  • We have years of experience implementing tugger train systems
  • We have a comprehensive portfolio of intralogistics solutions
STILL Experten-Netzwerk

STILL provides comprehensive systems for your production logistics

As a provider of comprehensive systems and a specialist in tugger train installations, we will support you throughout the process, from the initial analysis through to the consultation and finally the implementation of trucks, software and processes. We place a great emphasis on collaboration and see the project through until the final installation of the tugger train.

Ganzeinheitlicher Anbieter

Tugger train advisor

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STILL Partnernetzwerk

A strong partner network

You can rely on STILL. Implementing tugger trains is a strategic decision and an important change for your intralogistics processes. In order to be in the best possible position to complete this task, we work closely with partners such as DEMATIC, the leading provider for supply chain automation, or LR Intralogistik, developer and manufacturer of tugger train systems. Together we will make your production as successful as possible!

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