This information has been prepared by STILL for the convenience of STILL customers. All STILL Distributor and Dealer sales, service and parts personnel should be familiar with the contents.

STILL reserves the right to change any or all provisions of policies and/or procedures in this information at any time. Such changes become effective upon notice to the customer, distributors and dealers.

If the contents of this information conflict with statutory or legal requirements, these laws or regulations are preferential.

Any changes will be notified by appropriate bulletins and updated pages.


(Deliveries after 01/12/2020)

STILL warrants new trucks to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months or 1800 operating hours (whichever occurs soonest) from the date of registered first use.

STILL Battery ordered with a new truck from the factory comes with a manufacturer 12 month, up to 60-month pro rata warranty from the date of registered first use, warranty repairs to be actioned with battery manufacturer direct, see Appendix 1 - Battery Manufacturer Contacts

STILL Charger ordered with a new truck from the factory comes with a manufacturer’s 24-month warranty from the date of registered first use.

CiTi truck and ECH, Battery for the period of 12 months or 1800 operating hours (whichever occurs soonest) from date of first registered use.

Li-Ion Battery for the period of 3 years or maximum of 750 full charge cycles, then pro rata for years 4 to 8, reducing by 16% per year or 250 full charge cycles – maximum 8 years or 2000 full charge cycles, warranty coverage for battery cell and tray only

Hand pump truck (HPT) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months, warranty claims are limited to parts supply only and do not cover wear and tear items




It is the responsibility of STILL to ensure that every new truck purchaser receives a copy of the warranty information and any other applicable warranty statement.

Furthermore, all sections of the after-sales support mechanism must perform any repairs covered by any STILL warranties in a thorough, cost effective, and timely manner, with minimum inconvenience to the customer.


The warranty statements are written to be easily understood by customers and should be referenced whenever the question of warranty arises. Any clarification needed should be sought from the STILL Warranty Department.

The written warranties are the only expressed warranties given by STILL. This does not authorise any person to create or assume for it any other warranty obligation or liability in connection with STILL trucks.

STILL shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including loss of use of the fork truck or inconvenience.

STILL reserves the right, at any and from time to time, to make changes in design or specifications of any STILL truck or any parts, without notice and without incurring any obligation to make or install similar changes on trucks and/or parts previously manufactured.

STILL warranties are additional to any legal rights a customer may have.

Parts ordered for warranty work must be paid for within 30 days in accordance with our terms and conditions. Invoices must not be held subject to the outcome of a warranty claim.

Direct parts purchasing will not be necessary if the work is being carried out by a Distributor or by the STILL direct operation.


Upon each sale of a new truck manufactured by STILL, regardless of source to a customer, the manufacturer’s written warranty applies as set out.


STILL warrants all original replacement parts distributed by it (except those listed below) to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use, service and maintenance for 6 months or 1000 hours, whichever occurs soonest from the date of purchase. New parts installed or replaced at the customer’s expense on a fork truck, while it is covered by the provisions of the new fork truck limited warranty, are covered for the unexpired portion of the warranty or 6 months, whichever is the longer.

Normal maintenance items such as tyres, fuses, filters, lubricants, coolants, brake shoes and pads, clutch discs, hydraulic hoses and other items, replaced due to normal wear, are not covered by this warranty.

Malfunctions or failures resulting from misuse, negligence, incorrect diagnosis, modification, accident, or lack of manufacturer’s recommended servicing are not covered.

Proof of purchase must be supplied; parts invoices for both the original and replacement part and a service repair sheet will suffice. They must show purchase date, truck serial number, type of repair and parts replaced.

For parts purchased by the customer from any authorised STILL Parts Department the cost of the replacement parts only is covered.


This warranty is conditional on the truck being maintained in accordance with STILL’s recommendations as laid down in:

a. The Operator’s Handbook and the Workshop Instruction Manual
b. Any special written instructions issued by Still
c. Specific requirements noted, following a site survey

Records of such maintenance should be kept, should it be necessary to prove servicing intervals for warranty validation.

Scheduled servicing should be affected by STILL authorised Distributors / Dealer or the STILL direct operations utilising STILL trained personnel. Any deviation from this approach must be agreed and documented with relevant alternatives specified.

All claims must be submitted with a copy of the Full-Service history of the truck attached.

The absence of proof of scheduled servicing will automatically render the warranty null and void.


During the first 12 months or 1800 hours, whichever occurs first, all required service adjustments, that are refinements in original factory fit, alignment, and performance, as required in normal use, should be performed as part of the scheduled servicing and is not to be claimed as warranty. Breakdowns where adjustments only are required to satisfy the above are not deemed as warranty.


Items replaced during scheduled maintenance, or due to fair wear and tear, such as the following, are not covered by warranty:

- filters spark plugs coolant/antifreeze
- motor brushes wheels / tyres hydraulic hoses
- fuses contact tips paint
- brake shoes and pads transmission clutch discs
- oils lubricants


Replacement of assemblies is covered by warranty only when: -

i. Component parts are not available.
ii. The damage is serious, and replacement of the assembly is more cost effective than repair or replacement of the component parts.
iii. Replacement of assemblies is by agreement with the Technical Service Department, the repair agreement reference must be quoted on claim.


The STILL truck warranty applies only to the portion of the completed fork truck as supplied by Still Materials Handling Ltd.

The following are not covered by warranty: -

i. Failure of any locally made or procured part
ii. Failure as the result of improper local installation
iii. Failure of any component parts supplied by STILL, which were locally modified to facilitate installation or mounting
iv. Failure as the result of exceeding the gross capacity of the fork truck



2.1 WARRANTY PARTS HANDLING (Customer carrying out remedial work)

The customer is to return all warranty parts in the same condition they were in when removed from the fork truck. The parts will be clean, drained of any oil, capped to prevent leakage, and packaged in the original replacement parts containers. Any electrical units will be complete with all original components assembled. They will be identified with a Parts Return Label, which lists part number and description, customer name and address, claim number, model and serial number, repair date, and a brief description of the failure and repair. A group of parts replaced on one repair will be packaged together and identified with one parts ID label.

The tear-off portion of the parts return label must be attached to the warranty claim form.

Parts replaced on warranty must be returned to Still within 72 hours of warranty submission, unless instructed otherwise by the Still Warranty Department.

If parts are not returned without reasonable cause, or the defect cannot be verified, the claim will be rejected.

2.2 WARRANTY LABOUR SUBSTANTIATION (Customer carrying out remedial work)

All customer warranty claims must be submitted with a copy of the service repair sheet. They must contain the month, day and time of repair.

Service repair sheets should be numbered and show the engineer’s name and or number. All documents containing recorded time must be kept by the Distributor / Dealer for a period of five years.

A service repair sheet shall be provided for each separate repair, no more than one job on each sheet.

Details of the repairs performed must be described on the hard copy of the service repair sheet.

2.3 WARRANTY PARTS SUBSTANTIATION (Customer carrying out remedial work)

Customers should provide documentation to substantiate that a specific part stated on the warranty claim was used to repair the truck.

A parts inventory control record system, indicating purchases and sales, should be established and maintained at the Distributorship.

All invoices, packing slips or copies covering parts or services purchased from vendors or other Distributors and a record of payment of such invoices, new truck invoices and any other records used by the Distributor / dealer to substantiate the information recorded on the claim, should be retained by the Distributor / dealer for a period of five years. A copy of all parts purchases should be attached to warranty claims.


STILL reserves the right to audit all warranty claims, including those authorised by STILL personnel, for a period dating back five years. Warranty claims, which do not meet the requirements, set out in this Warranty Policies and Procedures Information will be charged back to the customer.

2.5 MANDATORY CLAIM APPROVAL LIST (Customer carrying out remedial work)

Certain warranty repairs or replacements require prior approval of the warranty claim by the STILL Warranty Department.

If approval is given, the customer will be issued with a repair approval number, which must be quoted on all warranty correspondence. Failure to comply with this will result in the claim being rejected.

Claims requiring prior consultation: -

i. Assembly replacement in lieu of repair
ii. High cost repairs in excess of £350 labour and/or £1,000 total

2.6 CLAIM APPROVAL CONDITIONS (Customer carrying out remedial work)

All warranty claim approvals are conditional both as to reimbursement amount and final disposition, as follows: -

i. Reimbursement Amount

Authorised STILL personnel, when approving a claim, will discuss the claim with the customer. Unless additional amounts are specified, approved claims will be adjusted, following the same standards as for all other claims.

The person approving a claim may elect to delete certain items deemed inappropriate to the repair or claim. Applicable rates for claim:

• Agreed Distributor / dealer Labour rates at standard time only
• Travel cost maximum one per claim @ £30.00, labour elements will not be considered in addition to Travel, unless agreement sort prior to claim

ii. Final Disposition

STILL may elect to charge back any previously paid claim, which, upon STILL’s investigation, is found to be contrary to the policies as published in this document.

STILL authorised claims are subject to the same audit checks as claims not requiring authorisation. Claims are authorised for payment based on the facts presented by the customer. If, at a later date or at the time of audit, it is discovered that the claim authorisation was based on erroneous or deceptive information, which does not comply with the Policies & Procedures, that claim will be subject to charge back procedures, as any invalid claim would be. An authorisation does not relieve the customer of any of the requirements stated in this document.

Authorisation for payment does not imply that STILL personnel have examined the claim for compliance with the requirements of this warranty information. (Debit notes or invoices will not be accepted as a method of claiming warranty.)


Items listed below are specifically not eligible for warranty:

i. Normal maintenance requirements (including parts), as laid down in the Operator’s Handbook and Workshop Manual.

ii. Fuel system contamination, which is not due to defects in materials or workmanship, is the Customer’s responsibility.

iii. Failures resulting from the use of the truck for purposes other than that for which it was designed.

iv. Defects, malfunctions or failures, which result from misuse, negligence, modification, accident or the use of parts, which are not equivalent in quality and design to parts supplied by Still.

v. Failures relating to incorrect / miss diagnosis or incorrect identification of spare parts

vi. Defects, malfunctions or failures, which result from exceeding the maximum lift capacity or from pulling a trailer, which exceeds the maximum draw bar capacity of the truck.

vii. Consequential damages including telephone calls, meals, loss of perishable goods, clothing, or loss of earnings resulting from loss of use of the truck.

viii. Adjustments.


Each service problem reported by a customer, must be carefully diagnosed (by STILL trained personnel) to determine what corrections are necessary. Corrections should then be affected in line with both STILL’s and the industry best practice.

No claim will be accepted for repeat or comeback repairs, resulting from improper diagnosis or incorrect service work.

2.9 CLAIM SUBMISSION PROCEDURES (Customer carrying out remedial work)

All warranty claims must be submitted on fully completed STILL Warranty Claim Forms (WCF01) and must be accompanied by copies of the service repair sheet, copies of the parts invoice(s) and a full service history of the truck with the tag from the parts return label attached to the claim. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the repair being affected. After this time claims will not be accepted.

STILL, in turn, will process claims and provide written confirmation of acceptance or otherwise within 30 days from date of receipt.



Customers should process warranty claims regularly and we would recommend you assign personnel to be specifically responsible for warranty claims to ensure smooth operations.

3.1 WARRANTY CLAIM FORMS (Customer carrying out remedial work)

Only STILL warranty forms (WARR.DOC) should be used. Forms should be typed, if possible. Alternatively, if handwritten, they should be written in “PRINT” and be clearly legible.

STILL Warranty Claim Forms have been designed for easy preparation. The information required in the claim form is as follows:

1. Customer name
2. Customer number as shown on parts invoice
3. Customer claim number to identify customer individual claims
4. Date of claim
5. Customer city/town
6. Truck type
7. Truck serial number
8. Date when truck first in use, or, in the case of parts warranty, previous replacement date
9. Service repair sheet number
10. Repair date, when work was completed
11. Hour meter reading
12. Hour meter reading for parts warranty (when previously replaced)
13. Part number
14. Quantity
15. Description of part(s) fitted
16. Invoice net price per unit
17. Invoice net price - total
18. Labour hours
19. Claim amount - parts
20. Claim amount - labour
21. Total claim amount
22. Details of fault and remedial action
23. Parts return tag number
24. Goods Returns Note number
25. Reminder to send additional information
26. Customer contact name
27. Customer contact signature

Appendix 1 – Battery Manufacturer Contacts:

15 Radfords Field
Maesbury Rd
SY10 8RA
Telephone. +44 01691 663111
Fax +44 01691 653066

Sales Office Ireland
141 Loughgall Rd
County Armagh Ireland
BT61 8EW
Telephone. + 44 02837 511744

TAB: EcoBat
6a Vanguard Way
Battlefield Enterprise Park
Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Telephone 01743 218500
Fax 01743 218501

GNB Exide:
GNB Industrial Power (UK) Limited
Mansell House,
Aspinall Close,
Bolton, BL6 6QQ – UK
Telephone: +44 (0)845 606 4111

Enersys – Hawker :
EnerSys Ltd
Oak Court
Clifton Business Park
Wynne Avenue
Swinton, Manchester
M27 8FF
Telephone : 0161 727 3970
Fax : 0161 727 3821