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Process automation with automated serial trucks (AGV's)


When, if not now?!
Systematically optimising logistics, thanks to automated processes


February 16, 2021
9 - 10 a.m.
3 - 4 p.m.

How will I stay successful and competitive in the future? The more complex economic requirements and the more cost pressure and global competition grow, the more corporate strategies will need to focus on optimised logistics processes. In the future logistics will be digital, connected and most of all: automated. Now is the right time to lay the tracks that take you into that future.

The webinar will give entrepreneurs and logistics managers a comprehensive overview of the range of possibilities automation provides for logistics.

Benefit from: 

  • a structured navigation through the jungle of industry 4.0 
  • comprehensive answers to all questions about process automation with automated series trucks (AGV's - Automated Guided Vehicles)
  • high professional competence of experienced intralogistics consultants and automation specialists
  • practical, comprehensible and transparent information

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Scouting the IOT jungle

What is the right level of automation for my company? How do automated solutions fit into my infrastructure? And where do I find the best partner to accompany me through this process? STILL answers all your questions – even those you don't even know you need to ask.

Competent consultation as a base for well-planned automation

Together with you our experts will guide you through all planning steps you need to take from analysing the automation potential of your warehouse and production logistics, right to defining the technical base for your automation concept. Our communication is clear, comprehensive and transparent. Our plans are goal oriented, resource based and sustainable. Begin with a thorough overview of the many possibilities and a comprehensible start into the wide field of process automation with automated serial trucks (AGV´s – Automated Guided Vehicles).

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