Intralogistic Systems - Perfectly suited for complex requirements

Intralogistic Systems

Warehouse Management Systems

Perfectly suited for complex requirements

Use the STILL warehouse management system (WMS) to control and effect every movement of material in the warehouse individually, including goods received, warehouse control and order picking just as well as tour planning and despatch. In these processes every information such as load carrier information and information about the article like batch number, best-before-date and serial number and the respective storage strategies are considered in order to provide material punctually, according to the demand and to make best use of the space inside the warehouse. Besides all of this the system allows to administer empties and annual or permanent stock taking.



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General Advantages of STILL MMS

  • Up-to-date inventory record keeping scoping storage locations due to gapless documentation of every movement of material including support for permanent inventory
  • Efficient control of movements for optimum utilisation of storage space and transport capacities
  • Task-based allocation of trucks, staff and means of transport to optimise the flow of material
  • Monitoring and overview of all movements in the warehouse (goods received, order picking, tour planning, despatch etc.) at the central control stand
  • Elaborate means to analyse and evaluate stocks and movements of goods in the warehouse
  • Modern system architecture for hardware and software ready for updates and releases and integration into existing customer systems
  • Flexible utilisation of systems for warehouse administration, transport and/or order picking as independent solutions or modules of the STILL MMS
  • Connection to STILL driver assistance systems and STILL Automation for optimum utilisation of trucks in the warehouse
  • Hardware, specifically designed for the task and the truck (e.g. electric and mechanic preparation for STILL terminals, for printers and for scanners)


  • Data sheet Material flow management system Software PDF, 2 MB Download