Process optimisation with iGo insights

Monitoring and analysis for automated guided vehicles

Automated transport vehicles are in operation around the clock, 365 days a year. The automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are controlled and monitored by a transport control system (TCS). Around the clock, this generates a huge amount of valuable data that can be used to perform a thorough analysis of the automated warehouse and the processes from a higher-level perspective.

With iGo insights, STILL offers a cloud-based analysis tool that is directly coupled with the transport control system. From the collected process information, iGo insights derives concrete recommendations for action to optimise the availability and performance of your automated fleet. All data is uploaded to the cloud for evaluation and can be accessed online via the encrypted web portal.

iGo insights uses the principle of machine learning to continuously improve the analysis. The software recognises structures in the course of the data and calculates probabilities, enabling you to act proactively - for example, when scheduling maintenance or repairs.

iGo insights overview

  • Analytical. Graphical recording of all vehicle movements in heat maps, to identify and optimise performance bottlenecks.
  • Problem solving. Playback function enables exact fault determination by looking back at the vehicle and system behaviour.
  • Controlling. Key figures for response times, traffic density, utilisation and downtimes.
  • Forward-looking. Daily information on trends and deviations from the norm.
  • Time-saving. Maintenance or repair measures are arranged proactively.
  • Responsive. Web interface for desktop and all mobile devices.

Request for process optimisation with iGo insights

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Functions of iGo insights

Module-based evaluation of cloud data - from a quick overview to user-specific detailed reports

Multi-Site Access

Access to multiple client locations by displaying the locations on the world map when logging in.


User-configurable dashboards with approval and template function for new users. Drill down from many charts into detail pages (e.g. AGV and Transport Status KPIs).


Fast synchronisation of status updates (often in real time). Automatic and manual status change when the problem is resolved.


Daily detection of trends and outliers for specific statuses using machine learning techniques.

System Insights

System Insights bietet Informationen zur AGV-Bewegung und zur AGV-Aktivität in der Installation während eines bestimmten Zeitraums (bspw. Heatmaps über AGV-Zustände oder Verkehrsdichten).

iGo insights in practice

More performance for Danfoss: AI-supported automatic bearing

Danfoss uses an automated warehouse with MX-X and EXV automated series forklifts, and the AI-supported, cloud-based solution iGo insights is used for system optimisation. In addition, a radio-based environmental warning system (ELOshield) is used - it protects passers-by from approaching vehicles.