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For special requirements

  • Adjustable to your requirements: Flexibly extendable
  • Great space for little money: Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Adaptable to every type of good: Extensive accessory range
  • Quick set-up: Easy installation
  • Comfortably storing high: Integrated stairs

You require a flexible solution to store boxes and small items? Then take a look at the STILL shelving racks! A simple construction and flexible expandability and adaptability are characteristics of this smart racking solution.

With flexible height and modular design of the shelving components and a broad range of accessories the STILL shelving racks can be adapted exactly to your requirements. You need a special solution? Contact us! Many special requirements can be met. For example: inclined shelves, transparent shelves, racks for tyres and rims and racks to safely store hazardous liquids and other hazardous materials.

Your existing storage space is too small? No problem, we can realise multi-level systems up to a height of 8 metres and can optimise your existing storage space without having to expand the given floor area.

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Shelving racks – design

Due to its various parts or components the shelving rack can be designed individually and in line with any demand. By cross beams, closed side walls or mesh walls, the frame of the rack can be individually extended. The shelving rack is completed by shelving levels available in different widths and designs. The technical design allows unit loads of up to 3 500 kg.

Shelving racks – components

Support hook

Support hooks are galvanised T-shaped profiles. Thanks to the holes in the frames at regular distances of 25 mm, any rack design can be created by placing the support hooks in at the desired heights.

Load guide

The depth of the rack is ensured by the load guides which are inserted between two supports. If a rack is more than five times higher than deep, it must be guarded against tipping over. This is easily achieved by fixations on the walls or in the floor.

Rack fields

Rack fields can be fitted with steel floors, panels, sinks and mesh grid floors. Steel floors allow load weights of up to 150 kg, 250 kg or 350 kg.


Panels (wooden boards) allow load weights of 250 kg or 350 kg.

Shelving racks – main accessories

Rear and side walls

Rear walls optimal guard goods against dropping from the rack. Rear walls offer another benefit: they can function as walls dividing rooms. Side walls protect goods from dropping over the side of the rack. Rear and side walls are optionally available as mesh grids or sheet metal.

Mesh baskets

Mesh baskets allow economic and well organised storage of small articles.

Adjustable shelving dividers

The adjustable shelving dividers keep the rack tidy and give a clear overview of small parts. They allow to divide space on the shelf.

Buying shelving racks

A warehouse planned for efficiency guarantees high economic feasibility. Benefit from the professional consultation with our STILL experts right from the start of warehouse planning. Before you make a buying decision, we assist you in every aspect – from checking your warehouse design to discussing the planned workflows. There are many reasons why you should decide for STILL when buying a shelving rack:

  • Many years of expertise: Close to our customers for more than 95 years.
  • Partnership that you can rely on.
  • Holistic premium concept – from consultation to service.
  • Always close to you: 14 branches, 37 rental branches & 800 service technicians in Germany alone.
  • A trained installation team ensures proper assembly of your shelving racks.