STILL ACH – Autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

Autonomous horizontal transport of goods

Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) systems like the STILL ACH are an innovative solution for automated horizontal goods transport. They can transport various load carriers on their platform and can be linked flexibly to a variety of storage and transfer stations. Above all the smart ACH 06/10/15 score points with their compactness and speed. When picking up and delivering loads, the small, agile vehicles require only about half the space needed by a manual forklift truck - an invaluable advantage when space is limited.

Compared to AGVs, the drive paths can also be narrower – more specifically, as wide as your load defines. Additionally the ACH can pick up and deliver its load significantly faster: It needs up to 30 % less time per pick-up and delivery. Compared to classic AGVs, the ACH series vehicles therefore have a higher turnover with less space required and they can be integrated cost-effectively into existing environments and systems. The operating and maintenance costs are also relatively low. Combined with good scalability and their high safety standard, the ACH series by STILL offers an appealing start into automation for many industries. A smart increase in efficiency.

  • High throughput with low space requirements
  • Easy integration into existing automation systems
  • Versatile transport of different load carriers
  • High availability thanks to Li-Ion technology
  • Load capacity up to 1500 kg

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Application examples for the STILL ACH in intralogistics

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are already used in various industries today: e.g. parts supply for production, the automotive industry, logistics, medical manufacturing, clothing or electronics production, and e-commerce.

Warentransport über eine Ladungsfläche (Tisch)

Transport of goods over a loading surface (table)

When transporting goods over a loading surface (table), the ACH transports the entire unit from A to B. The goods are placed on the loading surface. The ACH drives under the element, lifts it, transports it to its destination and places it there.

Warentransport direkt auf dem Fahrzeug

Transport of goods directly on the vehicle

With direct transport, the pallet is transferred from the transfer station directly to the ACH. The ACH drives underneath the loaded station, lifts the pallet with its adapter plate and transports it to the destination. The station is then refilled.

Transport individueller Ladungsträger

Transport of individual load carriers

Depending on the customer's needs, individual transport options (including multi-level loading area or trolleys) are possible, e.g. different dimensions of the load carrier or the transport orientation.

Battery technology for autonomous charging


Four units of type ACH 06 and 10 each or three units of type ACH 15 can use the same charger offset in time to ensure continuous operation. In the process, the AMRs organise their charging processes just as autonomously as their routes. At a battery level of 30 percent, the charging process is initiated automatically. QR codes on the floor navigate the device to its station.

Simply Efficient – the autonomous robot by STILL

Simply easy

  • Easy integration into existing mobile automation systems
  • Compact usage and high manoeuvrability even in narrow aisles
  • Supports auto-charging of the battery (perfect for life time optimised, automatic charging)
  • Low maintenance required thanks to the lithium-ion battery

Simply powerful

  • High turnaround rate due to a load capacity of up to 1,500 kg
  • Uses lithium-ion batteries that allow the vehicle to operate for up to 9 hours when fully charged
  • Fast throughput with high driving speed and short handling times

Simply safe

  • Meets the highest safety standards and is i.a. compliant with ISO-3691-4
  • Due to obstacle detection the vehicle is safe for persons, even at close range thanks to the integrated safety edge
  • Always safe with the multi-level redundant safety system
  • Suitable for use in mixed environments with operators or other vehicles

Simply flexible

  • Scalable extension possible with increasing customer demands
  • Flexible use due to the transport of diverse load carriers and goods
  • High availability thanks to lithium-ion battery

Simply connected

  • Easy integration into existing automation systems and existing system environments via standardised IT interfaces
  • Remote access to the vehicle via the control system

STILL ACH - Product variations

ACH 06

ACH 06

  • load capacity: 600kg
  • without an adapter platform
ACH 10

ACH 10

  • load capacity: 1000kg
  • with or without an adapter platform
ACH 15

ACH 15

  • load capacity: 1500kg
  • with or without an adapter platform

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