Servicing and repairs

For long-lasting availability

Accidents, general wear and tear or upgrading for new requirements – regardless of the situation, we take care of every industrial truck in your fleet.

Need your truck serviced at a low cost?

Hand Pallet Trucks

From £4.82 +VAT per month


Reach Trucks

From £13.33 +VAT per month


Electric Forklift Trucks

From £11.52 +VAT per month


Low Lift Pallet Trucks

From £7.07 +VAT per month


Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

From £22.92 +VAT per month


Diesel and LP Gas Forklift Trucks

From £13.76 +VAT per month


High Lift Stackers

From £10.05 +VAT per month


Order Pickers

From £14.30 +VAT per month


Thorough Inspection

From £99 +VAT per inspection





Regular care and servicing are essential for keeping your trucks operational and performing for a longer term. With STILL Service, servicing intervals, service agreements and safety checks are all tailored to your specific needs. We prevent repairs before they arise. Costs can be planned in advance and you are free to focus on your core business.

We also have readily prepared maintenance packages available for every vehicle type. You'll have complete transparency and access to all the documentation about services, inspections and service costs via STILL neXXt fleet.

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Accidents, general wear and tear or upgrading with new requirements in mind – regardless of the situation, we'll take care of every industrial truck in your fleet. With the STILL repair service, our number-one priority is to have your truck operational again as quickly as possible. With their absolute dedication, vast experience and technical expertise, our highly trained STILL service engineers guarantee just that. In addition, the STILL training undertaken at our production locations ensures that our service engineers are always up-to-date with the latest technology and requirements and have extensive knowledge of every truck. We have designed digitally-led, time-saving repair procedures for every truck, which are implemented by our skilled STILL service engineers to a standard you can count on. In addition, we ensure that all repairs are carried out in coordination with your production processes.

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