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A passionate partner

Still in love

Passion is … timeless - yesterday, today and tomorrow


For more than 95 years we have been your strong partner for customised intralogistics solutions.

The high importance that STILL places on partnership and team effort can be traced back to the company founder Hans Still.

These values have shaped our past and are the cornerstones for our future at the same time. A future that keeps focusing on you: our worldwide customers.

Passion is ... being close

With 24 subsidiaries and a dealer network consisting of 246 dealers in 48 countries we are active for you worldwide.

We are no more than a phone call away - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In every personal consultation we take time to assess your needs and to find the best possible solution for you.

Passion is … communication


We can read your wishes from your lips – you can take that literally.

We conduct phone interviews with more than 20 000 customers every year, because we want to hear directly from you whether you are satisfied with us and what we can do to become even better.

In 2015, more than 92 percent of our customers stated to be very satisfied with the trucks, the business processing and the service offered by STILL.

For us, this figure is no reason to rest on our laurels. It rather shows us that we are on the right way and it highly motivates us to keep making every effort for steady improvement.

Passion is …. products, service and consultation of highest quality

We believe that the premium concept involves more than the sheer product. Of course we are proud to exclusively offer products of highest quality to you, but for us this is only the beginning.

We always want to set the standards, also in terms of service and delivery quality and quality of advice in particular. Therefore we constantly invest in innovations and new, digital tools that allow our employees to be there for you in an even more goal-oriented and cooperative way.


Passion is … a promise. A promise from STILL you can rely on.

  • Being close to customers for more than 95 years
  • A partnership you can rely on
  • Always close to you
  • Holistic premium philosophy - ranging from consultation to product

Passion in practice

How can we make use of our passion for intralogistics if we cannot implement this concept?

Our customers share our passion and choose STILL as a competent partner for realising their projects.

We have selected some exciting examples for you:

STILL & Heineken