Customer Satisfaction

Your opinion counts.

Our goal: We want to be the company with the highest customer satisfaction on the market.

Our drive: You! For nearly a century, we have been working passionately on improving our products and our service constantly.

We record how satisfied our customer is with our products and with our service by continuously surveying our customer satisfaction. This includes tangible success stories as well as customer feedback from every-day work life. The main component of this instrument is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), an index figure that we determine by regular customer surveys.

We want to know what moves you!

In face-to-face discussions, our customers regularly express how satisfied they are with the STILL brand. Quite regularly this appraisal explicitly includes our order handling and our service: "They always have someone available if we need support." Customer service must be available at all times and, if necessary, see the customer in very short time – for urgent calls 24 hours, 7 days per week. For us, this extraordinary service performance is more than a company brand mark - it defines our guiding principle to prioritise the best possible customer orientation. To measure our success in this, we conduct 25,000 telephone interviews in 20 countries ever year in order to hear the feedback our customers have for us on our STILL service and our products.

The core of the interview is the ultimate question of the Net Promoter Score: 

"How likely is it that you would recommend STILL to friends and acquaintances?"

Net Promoter Score – this is how it works

Answering the question whether the customers would recommend the company, they can rate the answer on a scale from 0 to 10. The NPS indicates how likely a customer will recommend us. This internationally recognised score allows potential customers an unbiased look at STILL. The results are analysed and divided in three categories:

9-10: The customer is loyal to the brand and the products and will most likely recommend the company.

7-8: The customer is satisfied. The probability that the customer will recommend the company is rather low. The customer will neither express a positive nor a negative opinion about the company.

0-6: The customer will most probably not recommend the company.

The NPS is calculated by the following formula:

NPS = Promoter (% of all interview partners) - Critics (% of all interview partners). This means the determined value is between +100 and -100.

This is what will be done with your feedback

The survey allows us to register outstandingly positive performances as well as criticism by the customer. We take negative feedback very seriously and perceive it as an opportunity to improve things in the future.

Expression of a negative opinion, for example, triggers a process to contact the customer again. In an in-depth discussion, the issues leading to the complaint are addressed in order to analyse the root cause – with the goal to improve the process or develop the product in order to make the customer happy.

The current figures from our customer survey speak for themselves. Our poster child are not our products or our service but you!

Thank you for your feedback:

New trucks: 93% of the customers are satisfied (NPS: 53.44)

Rental: 95% of the customers are satisfied (NPS: 54.86)

Used trucks: 95% of the customers are satisfied (NPS: 56.47)

Service: 95% of the customers are satisfied (NPS: 57.42) *

* Data base 09.2019-09.2020 / STILL EMEA / 15.749 interviews

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