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STILL can look back on almost 100 years of experience in the field of warehouse technology, intralogistics and forklift manufacturing. We are experts in intralogistics, original thinkers and pioneers, and we are actively shaping the future of intralogistics for our customers – from target-orientated consultancy to implementation.
Specifically, this means that we only propose solutions that we are certain we will be able to implement, and which will continue to work in the future. In order to ensure this we visit our customers on-site at the warehouse and production areas, speak directly with the employees there and closely examine all the relevant processes.
We obtain a comprehensive understanding of your individual challenges and consequently develop a customised solution for you to achieve outstanding cost- effectiveness. We work with full vigour, place great emphasis on honesty and transparency and communicate clearly and directly to you exactly what our consultants are doing. We thus create a solid basis for a trusting collaboration to your utmost satisfaction.

Factors for Success

The most important facts in brief

Full overview: Our customers understand exactly what the consultant is doing and what approach is being taken to achieve the jointly defined objective.

Solutions orientation
Reliable implementation: We are always looking for the best solution as regards modernity and feasibility.

Decades of experience: Our consultants are experts in their field and able to implement projects to the highest standards, drawing on the entire knowledge base of STILL customer projects.

Unparalleled results: Our consultants have a unique perspective which allows them to create original and efficient solutions.

Our promise

Clarity: We speak plain language and act transparently

We develop custom-fit and future-oriented solutions, each and every day

We turn smart words into smart solutions

We optimise intralogistics – and have done so for over 100 years

We are true to our word and to our customers

Getting advice straight to the point

Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions. Simply contact us and we will take care of your enquiry.


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Advice Intralogistics Consultancy

Data acquisition

Outstanding analysis is generally based on high-quality datasets.

A project’s success is therefore highly dependent on the quality of the planning data available. Data acquisition therefore takes on decisive importance. We check your data thoroughly to ensure it is complete and consistent, and prepare it for subsequent analysis.


We use techniques such as grouping, sorting, compressing and filtering to obtain logistical findings using the prepared data; this then serves as the basis for planning.

Using graphical methods, we are able to visualise complex processes, such as material and information flows. This helps uncover potential for improvement, and define logistical challenges as regards further planning. Our consultancy services include fleet analysis, business process modelling and economic analysis processes for clustering stock items.


Constant change in operational areas can mean that existing systems and processes need to be adjusted.

Our objective is therefore to optimally adjust the existing logistical processing to the inherent conditions, and to improve them so that current and future requirements are covered. With software solutions for material flow planning and our methodical know- how, we can support you systematically with the optimisation of your material flows. Our consultancy services include, amongst other things, fleet, process and warehouse optimisation.


Our goal is to minimise your transport, warehouse and handling costs.

In order to achieve the necessary efficiency increase for the logistics systems and material flows, we work closely with you to develop different applications and solutions. We then check all versions for their cost-effectiveness, and look at the respective advantages and disadvantages. This results in an optimised, tailored concept for you. Our consultancy services also include support in selecting a suitable shelving system, developing warehouse layouts and defining requirements for industrial trucks.

Our consultants are smart characters with personality; that is precisely why they deliver original and individual solutions, each and every day. They will tackle any intralogistics challenge, no matter how daunting, and only produce implementable and future-orientated concepts.

They are not interested in standard solutions, and their STILL background and long-term experience in intralogistics optimisation greatly benefit them in their work. We place great emphasis on transparency and trust, and drive our projects forward with energy. In short, our consultants are ‘simply smart’.

  • Data Sheet Intralogistic Consultancy PDF, 1 MB Download

Fleet Optimisation

Do you want to get the best out of your fleet? No problem! Our intralogistics experts will be happy to provide you with independent, transparent advice on the best possible truck combination and fleet utilisation. No matter whether your forklift trucks are provided by STILL or another manufacturer, we will help you find solutions to suit your needs.

First, we prepare a comprehensive usage and utilisation analysis, and inspect your working processes and spatial conditions on-site. We then draw up a fleet concept tailored to your requirements, which takes into account all transport goods, processes and systems, and may also include standardisation and streamlining of equipment, or expansion of the forklift truck pool. This enables us to utilise synergies between your trucks and ensure optimum capacity utilisation and the efficient transport of goods.

  • Analysis of utilisation across the entire industrial truck fleet

  • Development of recommendations for action to increase fleet efficiency

  • Checking and assessment of automation solutions

  • Realisation of potential analyses for the use of tugger trains



Warehouse Planning

Those who make big plans, should also be able to deliver them, and that is exactly what STILL’s intralogistics consultants do. Our warehouse planning starts with a precise analysis of the relevant requirements. Here, warehouse conditions, item and job structure and processes such as picking are taken into account. We then develop a holistic concept for you, which maps out an efficient logistical system, including shelving systems, industrial trucks and automation opportunities, as well as software requirements.

The result is an optimal system for storage, handling, picking and transport with efficient processes for your material and information flow. Regardless of the consultancy service used, STILL will then also assume responsibility for the project implementation, if required.

Proper assembly of the racking is ensured by specially trained errection teams.
Coordination with other components of the warehouse installations is just as important to us as is the acceptance inspection of the STILL rack at the end.
If required, we will even do the annual inspection of the rack (according to DIN EN 15635). STILL is: everything from one source.

  • Warehouse analysis (ABC/XYZ, turnover/inventory analysis)

  • Dimensioning of the warehouse (capacity, inventory turnover/performance)

  • Drafting of a transport/material flow concept

  • Process and layout design (rough/detailed layout; 2D/3D)

Process Optimisation

Each optimisation is only as good as the process analysis that precedes it. Therefore, we rely on a precise analysis of the individual process steps. In order to guarantee the greatest possible accuracy here, we start by assessing the initial situation at your premises. We identify potential for improvement, carry out a practical implementation assessment and use this to derive the appropriate measures for you. We document the logistical processes in our actual-situation analysis in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, drawing on standardised modelling languages.

The general rule here is: As simple as possible, as detailed as necessary. Using this as a starting point, we work closely with you to create recommendations for action to optimise the processes and logistical procedures analysed. We can thus implement successful measures that enable your intralogistics to run efficiently. In order to conclude the process optimisation, the results of the actual- situation analysis and the assessed measures are transferred to a target concept, so that your logistics processes can be optimised immediately.

  • Actual-situation recording of logistical processes

  • Process modelling and documentation

  • Analysis of weak points in information and material flow

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Getting advice straight to the point

Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions. Simply contact us and we will take care of your enquiry.


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