Electric Forklift Truck RX 60 3.5-5.0 t

Except emissions.

  • Load capacity 5000 kg
  • Rated lift 7180 mm
  • Speed 20 km/h

The peak performer

Get ready for a superior electric forklift truck.

For an energy-packed peak performer in the weight class of 3.5 to 5.0 tonnes. The RX 60-35/50 handles any challenge and reveals its abilities from the very first second: lifting, accelerating and moving in top time. You will experience an incredibly intuitive interaction with the vehicle while it actively supports you in your work with smart assistance systems. The long battery life and the possibility to recharge quickly and on-site provide you with uncompromising availability. The charger can be fitted directly on board if required, but you will need it surprisingly seldom, because for all its power, the RX 60 consumes less energy than other vehicles in its class. Take advantage of the wide range of variants and equipment and configure the perfect truck for your application.

Let yourself be inspired by the productivity of your customised high performance forklift truck. Because the RX 60 can do everything - except emissions.


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Maximum performance in series

Take advantage of the outstanding handling power of the RX 60 to get your goods to their destination even faster! The truck lifts and lowers in record time, accelerates to over 20 km/h and masters gradients and ramps like no other forklift truck in its class. Be electrified - by a performance that is second to none.

Start up and move loads over a distance of 15 metres? In 5.7 seconds! →
Lifts faster! →
324 tons in 3,600 seconds →

Start up and move loads over a distance of 15 metres? In 5.7 seconds!

Get up and going: the electric motor of the RX 60, bursting with power, accelerates quickly. So fast that the first 15 metres can be covered from a standing start in just 5.7 seconds - with load.

Lifts faster!

Up and down, up and down, up and down...Whatever needs to be done, the new RX 60 saves valuable seconds. In one second it lifts or lowers loads by half a metre.

324 tons in 3,600 seconds

Move more goods in less time: With the new RX 60 you can transport 324 tonnes. Per hour.

Lasts longer, consumes less

The RX 60 delivers top-level performance. How much energy does it take? Less! The intralogistics top performer combines minimum energy consumption with maximum performance and can manage up to two complete shifts without a break for recharging. Li-ion batteries for interim charging even allow round-the-clock operation. At the same time the RX 60 is so easy to maintain that visits by a STILL service technician become a quick pit stop.

Endurance specialist →
Energy non-consumer →

Endurance specialist

Rely on looooong runtimes with only one battery charge. Or directly use a lithium-ion battery and short interim charging for round-the-clock operation. And thanks to the optional onboard charger, you can charge the vehicle wherever there is a power socket available.

Energy non-consumer

Maximum performance, minimum consumption: The RX 60 consumes less energy: A minimum of 8.7 7 kW/ is sufficient for goods handled in record time.

When operator and vehicle become one

Take a seat in the great new driver's workstation. Experience what it feels like to be in full control at all times. In the RX 60, an outstanding field of vision meets intuitively placed controls and smart assistance systems. Experience the exceptional interaction with the vehicle and complete your tasks better, faster and safer than ever before.

The ergonomic experience →
A vehicle that will make you better →
Take a seat – and start believing your eyes →

The ergonomic experience

Step in through the wide vehicle access, notice the cleverly positioned handholds, see the outstanding all-round vision and set up the controls to suit your needs. This is how ergonomics works.

A vehicle that will make you better

Digitally guided pre-shift check before the start. Quick start as soon as you sit down. Overload protection in case you lift too much too high. Automatic speed adjustment when you take a turn. The RX 60 helps you to do your best.

Take a seat – and start believing your eyes

Welcome to your great driver's workstation! Every operating element is positioned exactly where it feels right and with the smart STILL Easy Control on-board computer you have direct access to all functions and performance data.

The RX 60 3.5-5.0 t in detail

The "Simply Efficent" factors: Performance attributes as a measure of economic efficiency

Simply easy

Intuitive handling:
Standard, easy-to-use operating concept across the whole RX product line

Easy entry into a highly ergonomic driver’s cab

STILL Easy Control on-board computer:
All relevant information at a glance and performance functions just a click away

Easy-to-operate lateral battery change

Simply powerful

Intralogistics powerhouse:
Handling performance at the highest level in its class

Performance boost:
Sprint mode for peak performance at the touch of a button

Optimum energy efficiency:
Exceptionally long range with each battery charge

Lift and accelerate faster than ever: Available as a high performance variant with extra-powerful drive and lift motors

Intelligent support:
Traction control and other assistance functions

Ready at all times:
Optional STILL lithium-ion technology for maximum availability

Simply safe

Safe and precise handling:
High-precision hydraulics and agile driving dynamics

Safe entry:
Large handle, anti-slip rubber mat and wide step

Optimal panoramic view:
Slim mast and extra-large windows

Systematic safety:
Optional pre-shift check on the display to help with the daily safety inspection

Safety for every application:
Wide range of additional equipment options – from a direction indicator on the display to the Safety Light 4Plus safety lighting, as well as Curve Speed Control for automatic speed reduction when cornering

Simply flexible

Flexible control options:
Multi-lever, mini-lever, Fingertip or Joystick 4Plus

Adjustable performance dynamics:
Parameters such as driving and lifting speed can be adjusted to personal preferences at the touch of a button

Operating power tailored to your specifications:
Wide variety of equipment options for every application

Simply connected

Optimum networking:
Optional interface for integration into fleet management software such as STILL neXXt fleet

Controlled use:
Optional access control protects against incorrect operation

STILL Li-Ion Technology inside

The perfectly harmonised power system for reducing operating costs and increased truck availability.

More about STILL Li-Ion Technology


Made for indoor AND outdoor use

Be it in production supply or in the outside warehouse: The RX 60-35/50 excels with its productivity right where it is needed. And even if it gets wet, it won't leave you out in the rain.

Stored on the spot

It has never been easier to store goods with pinpoint accuracy. The sensitive hydraulics of the vehicle guarantee rapid, precise and smooth movements. And thanks to Dynamic Load Control, you always have the current load weight and maximum lifting height in view.

Heavyweight made easy

The RX 60 makes handling loads of up to five tonnes incredibly smooth. Every command is translated into smooth, precise movements that you can control instantaneously

Designed for the tightest spaces

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the RX 60-35/50 can be navigated safely by you even through the narrowest of working aisles. And the small turning radius allows the warehouse to be compacted even further.

A driver's workplace to inspire you

Perfectly arranged controls, the smart STILL Easy Control on-board computer and an unrivalled all-round vision: The driver's workplace of the RX 60 will inspire you every second.

Endurance runner

43,200 seconds, 720 minutes or 12 hours: That's how long it takes the RX 60 with the largest battery before it needs to recharge the next time. With lithium-ion technology and short breaks for interim charging, the vehicle is even ready for use around the clock - and if desired, the charger can be fitted directly on board.

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"Our long-standing partner, STILL, involved us in the field testing of the new RX 60 forklift truck. Our test drivers experienced the new dual motor drive to be extremely comfortable providing a stable drive feel. The colleagues highlighted the automatic parking brake, which closes automatically when the driver leaves the truck and opens when the accelerator pedal is pressed.

The opportunity to field-test the new truck is another example of our extremely positive cooperation with STILL. Our cooperation has always been characterised by the high availability, the partnership and cooperative exchange as well as the sensible way in which the STILL service team worked".

Christian Gottschalck, Area Manager Assistant Internal Logistics,
Hassia Mineralquellen GmbH & Co. KG

Equipment options

Sharpening all senses: we can support you with our wide range of smart driver assistance systems and functions which will make your day-to-day work significantly easier. You will be able to drive in a safer, more comfortable, efficient and fatigue-free manner – in every driving situation.


STILL Pre-Shift Check

Safety first: digital guided Pre-Shift Check

With the Pre-Shift Check in the on-board computer STILL Easy Control STILL achieves a new level of safety for the driver and the truck: before the start of each shift, or at user-defined intervals, the driver must confirm the operational capability of the truck via the on-board computer before he can put the truck into operation with all its functions.

The customer is free to choose the criteria of the safety check. In addition to the standard query, several individual queries can be stored in the display of the on-board computer. And if an answer is negative? The customer has all options.

For example, he can define in the system that the performance of the vehicle is automatically limited if a query shows a negative test result.

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STILL SafetyLight 4plus

The visual warning system for fewer accidents

The blue warning light, STILL SafetyLight 4plus, significantly increases work safety in areas which are confusing or full of bends. The blue light spots are projected approx. 5 m in front of and behind the truck and warn people about the approaching truck to prevent impending collisions.

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STILL warning zone light

Perfect addition to the STILL SafetyLight

The STILL warning zone light projects two luminescent strips to the left and right of the forklift truck. The optional illumination equipment serves as a visual warning for pedestrians and other drivers in the vicinity by projecting luminescent strips on the hall floor at the sides of the forklift truck. The STILL warning zone light therefore perfectly complements the STILL SafetyLight, which projects a blue cone of light in the front of the truck in the direction of driving.

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Acoustic signal when reversing

Safety in the warehouse is increased thanks to an acoustic signal during reversing. Colleagues are therefore able to notice the forklift truck even if they have their back to it.

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Load backrest

Keeping the goods in place: the load backrest stabilises the transported goods at the fork carriage back so that they can be securely transported from A to B.

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Restraint systems


Owing to the EasyBelt, the seat belt is already diagonally taut over the driver's seat. When stepping aboard, the driver only needs to climb into the pre-tensed belt. The quick and convenient handling of the EasyBelt makes buckling up a breeze.

Advantages to you:

  • Cost-effective addition to the belt which ensures that the driver is able to properly secure their seat belt without effort
  • Enables quick seat belt fastening and unfastening, thus having a positive effect on productivity
  • High comfort level within the driver's work space due to the quick and easy handling of the seat belt – resulting in a high acceptance level from forklift truck drivers
  • Easy to retrofit – EasyBelt can easily be retrofitted onto your fleet's counterbalanced forklift trucks

Sauermann restraint system

This system is available in different variants – mechanical or electric. A bracket system is installed on the side of the forklift truck which can be opened either manually or automatically. Each option ensures the highest level of operator protection and enables drivers to climb in and out of the forklift quickly and easily.

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Seat belt control

Buckled up? If not, the seat belt control ensures that the driving speed is automatically reduced. In cab trucks, the system only engages when the cab door is open.

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Warning light

The warning light increases safety at the warehouse and makes other employees working in the warehouse aware of the forklift truck via a flashing yellow light signal.

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Access authorisation

If desired, you can limit the usage of your forklift truck to specific persons or groups of persons via access authorisation. You can choose whether to grant access via a key switch or via a digital code system with ten configurable access codes.

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Panoramic glass roof

Optimal visibility: a protective roof with an armoured glass pane is available as an option for improved visibility during storage and retrieval.

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Curve Speed Control

Automatic speed adjustment for curves

The speed limiter controlled by steering angle reduces the chance of damaging goods owing to the appropriate cornering speed. This assistance function is available for various forklift trucks and warehouse technology devices, and regulates the driving speed automatically according to the steering angle. In other words, the driver doesn't need to worry about speed when cornering. The truck automatically decelerates the precise amount needed for the operator to drive in a safe but swift manner.

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Automatic mast vertical position

More handling performance when stacking onto high shelves: this function helps to easily place pallets at higher shelf heights. The mast automatically remains in the vertical position when the hydraulic system is activated by pressing the vertical adjustment button.

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Who can use which forklift truck for which area of application? What about the truck capacity? When has a shock occurred? Things that are relatively easy to control with just a few forklift trucks become far more complex and difficult to regulate as the fleet size increases. Our smart FleetManager provides the solution. With this innovative software, you are able to control your fleet more efficiently and effectively than ever.

The FleetManager consists of several modules:

  • Access authorisation
  • Compilation of operating data linked to the truck controller
  • Accident detection with truck reaction (e.g. creep speed)
  • Load detection via pressure sensor in the lifting hydraulic system without weight indication on the display and two data cards
  • Shock detection in connection with FleetManager: the forklift truck detects a potential collision and switches to creep mode, sounds a signal or switches off completely
  • Can be configured as per the customer's wishes

The reader for the FleetManager access card is easily accessible on the left next to the steering column. Access to the FleetManager requires special authorisation.

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Driving programmes

The right driving programme for all requirements: the operator can choose between three established and two freely configurable driving programmes in the three operating modes: Blue-Q, normal and sprint mode. The driving programmes can be chosen according to the situation in order to achieve the maximum performance or energy efficiency.

Intelligent autopilot: the forklift’s Blue-Q (blue button) efficiency mode is activated at the touch of a button. An intelligent optimisation characteristic in the drive saves energy precisely where it is not impacted by the work process.

Up to 10% savings in energy consumption depending on the use profile and forklift equipment.

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Lift height display

The LED lift height sensor integrated as standard ensures the highest level of precision from the first millimetre. The system works with a repeat accuracy of under +/- 5 mm. The driver can always see the lift height on the display. They are therefore always aware of the fork tip height and are able to determine with certainty that they won't touch the shelf when lifting the pallet.

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Mast tilt display

The driver can see the tilt angle of the mast on the display. They therefore always have the highest degree of control over the loaded goods. The function is a real help during storage and retrieval as well, as the operator is able to precisely check if the forks are holding the pallet correctly.

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Speed reduction when forks are raised

For the safe transport of goods: when driving with raised forks, there is a risk that the loaded pallets could tip, damaging the goods. The driving speed is automatically reduced depending on the lift height in order to prevent this.

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Load measuring

The system detects the load from 5% of the forklift truck's nominal load and shows it to the operator on the display.

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Daytime driving light

Safe operation at all times: the LED daytime driving light ensures that the forklift truck is always clearly visible even in darker areas.

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Model Overview

Maximum capacity (kg)
Maximum lift height (mm)
Travel speed (km/h)
Battery voltage (V)
RX 60-35/600 / Li-Ion 3.500 7.180 20 80
RX 60-40 / Li-Ion 4.000 7.180 20 80
RX 60-40/600 / Li-Ion 4.000 7.180 20 80
RX 60-45 / Li-Ion 4.500 7.180 20 80
RX 60-45/600 / Li-Ion 4.500 7.180 20 80
RX 60-50 / Li-Ion 4.990 7.180 20 80
RX 60-50/600 / Li-Ion 4.990 6.880 19 80


  • Operating instruction RX 60 3,5 - 5,0 t PDF, 56 MB Download

The document provided for download is the updated version of the operating instructions for the standard truck. It does not include descriptions of customer options (Customer Option). For a concrete truck, please request the respective specific manual according to the serial number and the year of production from the STILL spare parts service.


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