Precision when loading and unloading at all levels

Load Assist

Safely loading and unloading goods requires a high level of precision. Any errors here could cause the material flow to come to a standstill. Our Load Assist solutions are optimally designed to support the driver when positioning goods at the desired level in a quick and precise manner. These include visual aids and semi-automatic systems which make the loading process easier for drivers, as well as fully automated programmes. These primarily serve to prevent operating errors and protect people and goods.

Driver assistance systems and functions from STILL



iGo pilot navigation

Navigation support for the driver The system optimises the approach to the destination by stopping forks automatically at the horizontal and vertical target position. The positioning is worked out by means of distance measuring and comparison with the current position (by RFID transponders or barcodes). OptiSpeed 4.0 differentiates between loading, unloading and order picking at the target position, and adjusts the lifting height of the fork automatically.

Easy to use: manual input of the storage location or retrieval from the warehouse management system; operation at just a push of the drive lever.

High productivity: the truck takes the optimal route to its destination – regardless of the operator’s experience and knowledge.

High precision: the truck moves to the exact position of the pallet – fork movements outside the target are not possible, thus avoiding incorrect storage and retrieval.


Active Load Stabilisation (ALS)

No wobble here

The FM-X is always more than just a fork ahead of the rest. Thanks to Active Load Stabilising (ALS) you can be dealing with the next goods transport while others have to wait for the mask to stop vibrating. An automatic equalising pulse provides a fast and effective way of stopping the vibrations from occurring at great heights, reducing the waiting time at the shelf by up to 80%. The result is a significant increase in turnaround speed.

The system is available as an option for the models FM-X 14, FM-X 17, FM-X 20 and FM-X 25 from a lift height of 3000 mm, and included as standard in masts with a height of at least 3700 mm.

Active Load Stabilisation is only suitable for fixed masts.


OptiSpeed 3.4 (ALS – Active Load Stabilisation for VNA trucks)

Unique around the world: active load stabilisation in narrow aisle operations

Save time during storage and retrieval: heavy loads cause shaking in the MX-X lift heights. This results in a waiting period until the shaking subsides. The optional ASL counteracts this with additional lifting to reduce the shaking and waiting time. It makes work considerably more pleasant and increases the handling capacity by up to 5%. The system enables quick and safe transport movements which are optimally adapted to the lift height and load.


Dynamic Load Control (DLC 1&2)

Lifting movements that adapt to the load? Stable idea!

Whether it's an inexperienced operator, careless movements or a particularly heavy load - there are various reasons for abrupt movements of the lifting hydraulics, which can quickly lead to goods breakage or even personal or vehicle damage. Dynamic Load Control brings calm to the mast. Feel how the assistance system makes load handling better and smoother. It detects the current load as well as the current lift height and automatically adjusts the speed of the lifting hydraulics before anything falters. In the second of two expansion stages, Dynamic Load Control also takes the load's center of gravity into account. In this way, it increases stability and prevents the vehicle from tipping forward - even with small weights and large load centers. The graphic stability index also shows you at a glance how stable the vehicle is on the ground with the current load and lifting height.


Dynamic Load Control (DLC 3)

You will come to appreciate the optimum performance

Safe and precise load handling subject to the load lift height

Dynamic Load Control was developed to make work easier for operators of the STILL EXV and FXV high lift pallet trucks. The smart assistance system is able to estimate load capacities and weights with a high degree of precision. It is available in various extension levels. Via the display on the control unit, the maximum extension level DLC 3 shows the operator the current load weight, the maximum possible lift height with this weight and the current lift height. The latter is measured using an ultrasonic sensor. As soon as the user approaches the maximum lift height, it emits a warning signal. The lift process switches off automatically before the maximum lift is exceeded.

Estimate load capacities correctly:
in the first extension level, DLC 1, a colour display and control unit shows the estimated load weight and indicates to the operator if the nominal lifting capacity is exceeded. Users therefore receive a load estimate and can use the load capacity to determine the maximum permissible lift height based to the lifted load.

Estimate weight correctly:
the second extension level, DLC 2, takes this step off the operator's hands, as it supplies the maximum lift height on the display in addition to the load weight estimate. In addition, the coloured load capacity strip is included on the mast so you can read the current lift height.

Display of the lift height and the maximum lift height based on the measured load weight plus lift stop when the maximum lift height is reached:
in the highest extension level, DLC 3, the operator can see a load estimate, the associated maximum lift height and the current lift height on the display. The lift height is measured using an ultrasonic sensor, which means the forklift truck always knows its current lift height. The user also receives a warning when they approach the maximum residual load capacity. If the maximum permissible lift height is exceeded, the forklift truck automatically terminates the lifting process. This greatly facilitates storage and retrieval while significantly increasing efficiency and safety.


Easy Target Plus

Hit the bullseye at the touch of a button

Thanks to Easy Target Plus, the goods can quickly and precisely be positioned in the desired shelf level – easily at the touch of a button without manual height corrections.

Advantages to you:

  • High degree of safety for the driver and the goods
  • Guided operation via the display assistant – simple operation even for inexperienced drivers
  • Rapid selection of the desired shelf level
  • Individual adjustment to all warehouse conditions
  • Adjustable for up to eight programmable warehouse areas and 20 programmable shelf levels
  • The forklift truck is able to independently determine if the operator wishes to store or retrieve loads from 150 kg, and thus consider the pallet free lift accordingly (preset to 150 mm as standard)
  • Integrated control of the fork horizontal positioning in the lift height pre-selection
  •  An additional display assistant can be fitter for the visual indication of the operational sequence on the display as an option

Lift height display

Seeing instead of estimating

With the help of the LED lift height sensor installed as standard, the lift height display ensures maximum precision from the first millimeter. This means that operators always know the height of the fork tips and can navigate precisely to avoid touching the rack when picking up the pallet. The system works with a repeatability of less than +/- 5 mm and the lift height is permanently shown to the drivers on the display.


Lift limitation (intermediate lift cut-off / final lift cut-off)

Fulfills lifting height requirements at the push of a button:

Whether the racks are to be filled or emptied - you know the game: look closely, extend the mast, maintain concentrated eye contact, stop the mast, readjust if necessary. Several times. In every shift. On every day. Now imagine that you could leave your sense of proportion behind. Imagine you could just press a button and wait for the forks to float to exactly the right height and stop there automatically. Imagine: You can. With the STILL lift limiter, the forks automatically stop at up to three programmable intermediate lift heights. And to ensure that your profitability, but not your trucks, goes through the roof, the maximum lift height can also be permanently programmed.


Silent Lift

Quiet lifting!

Strength lies in peace - this now also applies to your forklift trucks. Because the Silent Lift assistance system puts an end to noise during lifting and lowering operations. Smooth lift transitions, smooth storage and retrieval on the top shelf level, and an automatic stop of the forks before they hit the floor - all this promises you heavenly peace and quiet even when lifting and lowering the heaviest loads.

Additional Load Assist features

Here you can find a full overview of all additional driver assistance systems and functions from STILL within the Load Assist field.

OptiSpeed for reach trucks

Process safety at every lift height

The OptiSpeed driver assistance system reduces mast vibrations to a minimum for medium lifting heights and enables quick goods handling.

OptiSpeed cannot be combined with the ‘Active Load Stabilisation’ driver assistance system.

Camera systems

Everything in view, all the time: the FM-X can optionally be equipped with a camera system which significantly facilitates operation and improves visibility.

Centering of the fork and mast tilt

Let nothing slide, even at great heights: the pallet is moved to a 90° position at the touch of a button. This makes extending and retracting the forks from the pallet a breeze even at the top shelf levels.

Panoramic glass roof

Optimal visibility at all times: the optional panoramic overhead guard with armoured glass window provides improved visibility when storing and retrieving goods. It works entirely without the need for struts and of course meets all the safety standards of a standard overhead guard.

Liftable driver platform

Perfectly suitable for vertical order picking at a height of up to 2.80 m. The platform can be lifted up to 1200 mm, whereby the storage area can be doubled with a second shelf level. Driving and steering is also possible with a lifted platform with STILL Easy Drive and STILL Easy Move for a high reloading performance.

Lowering lock

This feature prevents the pallet from lowering during travel. Faulty operation is thus prevented during travel and the goods are protected.

Trolley Stop

This involves slightly raising the fork end to secure the trolleys and thus the transport goods as well as possible during travel.

Mast tilt display

The driver can see the tilt angle of the mast on the display. They therefore always have the highest degree of control over the loaded goods. The function is a real help during storage and retrieval as well, as the operator is able to precisely check if the forks are holding the pallet correctly.

Mast vertical position

And everything is on the right track:

Safe and undamaged vertical parking or storage of goods: This is exactly what you can do from now on at the push of a button with the mast vertical position assistance system. Once the system is activated, all you have to do is tilt the mast forwards. As soon as the mast is in the upright position, it stops automatically. This means that you always get the goods to the floor in one piece and store them on the shelves more quickly, easily and safely.

Overload detection

Overload excluded:

If the forklift can still handle this load? A question that can quickly lead to injuries, vehicle or goods damage. Fortunately, there is overload detection. The system monitors the weight of the load and any attachments and always gives you a safe and clear answer. What's more, if the total weight exceeds the rated capacity or the set maximum load, the system actively intervenes and reduces the lifting speed. If the threshold value is exceeded by more than 10 percent, the lifting function is completely blocked. This means that the driver, vehicle and goods are always optimally protected.

Positioning laser

More safety, more comfort: the optional positioning laser projects the fork height with a green laser line on the carrier, thus serving as a visual extension of the fork. This facilitates orientation when storing and retrieving goods, as well as increasing both the handling capacity and the degree of safety. The positioning laser can be easily switched on and off at the touch of a button and poses no threat to the naked eye.

Load capacity display

Stability at all times: the optional load capacity display shows the user the current lift height and the associated residual load capacity at all times. The load capacities and lift heights are displayed on the coloured signs attached directly to the mast.

Lift limitation

This far and no further: a maximum mast extension height can be preconfigured for hall heights which are lower than the mast height. You can also configure an intermediate lift limitation with a predefined maximum lift height by actuating a push button.

Soft Landing

100% finesse: this driver assistance system ensures gentle depositing of the forks and goods by reducing the speed shortly before settling the goods on the ground.

Lift height pre selection

In addition to the lift height display, there is a range of lift height pre-selection systems available for the STILL FM-X reach truck. Manual lift height selection is available as standard. The Easy Target and Easy Target Plus systems are available as options.

Easy Target enables fast and precise positioning of the forks at the desired shelf levels, without the need for manual height corrections. This increases safety for both the driver and the goods. Up to eight areas, each with 20 levels, can be programmed. From 150 kg, the forklift truck is able to independently determine whether the operator wishes to store or retrieve loads and thus consider the pallet free lift accordingly. Another option available is Easy Target Plus, which also ensures that the fork tilt is in the neutral position. How you benefit: Individual customisation to suit all warehouse conditions, high degree of safety for the driver and the goods, and guided operation via the display assistant – also, for less experienced drivers, the shelf level can be selected in a matter of seconds.

Mast transition damping, - end stop damping

Fulfills lifting height requirements at the push of a button:

Smooth and jerk-free lifting and lowering operations become a reality with the mast transition damping and end stop damping. The assistance system automatically adjusts the lifting and lowering speed before the transition points of the mast. As a result, the inner masts glide smoothly out of the outer mast and back again, protecting the load from jerking. The system also automatically adjusts the speed before the lifting stops are reached, so that the end position is also reached smoothly and without jerking.

Lowered driving speed with lifted forks

Forks up, speed down:

More safety, less product breakage and ensuring proper vehicle use - these are the benefits offered by the Speed Reduction assistance system when the fork carriage is raised. As soon as the forks reach a height of 500 mm (or another defined threshold), the speed of the vehicle is automatically reduced. Even if a driver forgets that he should not drive with the load raised, the assistance system slows him down, guaranteeing safe handling of the load and vehicle.

Geschwindigkeitsreduzierung bei hohen Gabeln
Geschwindigkeitsreduzierung bei hohen Gabeln

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