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Platform Trucks and Tractors

Full power ahead

Platform trucks and tractors are powerful vehicles designed to transport heavy loads across a variety of applications. They are reliable, efficient, and can help businesses maximise their productivity and worker safety.

STILL’s range of IFOY award winning Platform trucks and Tractors are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and are designed to move loads across sites with ease. Platform Trucks, such as the LXW come in different sizes and weight capacities, and their low-profile design makes them easy to load and unload. Our LXT Tractors, are built and designed to handle heavy-duty applications. Both types of vehicles can enhance productivity and streamline operations, and our team can choose the one that best fits the unique needs of your business.

What is important to you? The right vehicle for your application
Li-Ion battery
Degree of automation
Classic Line STILL Classic Line trucks are ideally suited for light-duty operations in single-shift operation. The Classic Line trucks have standardised equipment and are quickly available.
Xcellence Line STILL Xcellence Line trucks are ideal for all applications, especially in multi-shift operations. The Xcellence Line trucks are configured individually according to your requirements and integrated precisely into your intralogistics processes.
Basic Truck Application Hardness Special / Attachments Area of application
LT Lorry Tow Tractor
L Lorry Truck
C Classic Line
X Xcellence Line
FF Foldable Forks
T Towing Transport
W Platform Wagon Transport


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