Hand pallet trucks - Simply moving more.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Simply moving more

Hand pallet trucks are a simple yet efficient solution for transporting palletised goods over short distances. Also known as pallet jacks, these trucks are designed to be operated manually and are available in a range of sizes and load capacities.

At STILL, we offer a range of hand pallet trucks to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our trucks are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring that operators can work efficiently and safely. With a range of load capacities and fork lengths available, our hand pallet trucks can handle a wide variety of loads. We also offer additional features such as electric lifting and lowering, allowing businesses to customise their trucks to their specific needs.


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Hand pallet truck - the basic tool in intralogistics

In the manufacturing, trade and service industries, it is often necessary to move heavy loads from point A to point B. Everywhere something is delivered - whether it is to be processed, sold or moved elsewhere on site - we are dealing with internal transport. In enterprises, where creating added value for the customer depends on the pace of operations and large volumes of deliveries are often involved, trolleys are regularly used alongside electric forklifts and specialised warehouse technology trucks. However, the most common intralogistics tool that allows you to transport loads in accordance with regulations and without the risk of injury, is the hand pallet truck, also colloquially known as the manual pallet truck.

Hand pallet trucks - the simple and effective tool that can be found everywhere in logistics

The ever-popular pallet trucks are mentioned often enough to require a shorter, colloquial name: hand pallet truck. With their universal presence in shops, small warehouses, the courier industry and larger logistics facilities, it is not surprising when we realize the scale of the benefits they bring to businesses. According to the Polish law on manual transport, the maximum load weight carried by one person must not exceed 30 kg. If that person is utilising a six-wheel pallet hand truck, the maximum load weight increases to 450 kg. This means that goods weighing more can be legally and safely handled can be delivered up to 15 times faster with a hand pallet trucks. Moreover, the person operating the hand pallet truck does not need additional rights. Anyone who has undergone training can use them workplace. This is of great importance for the staffing of positions in industries with high staff rotation.

HPS / HPT series - STILL flagship hand pallet trucks

Each hand pallet truck belonging to the STILL HPS / HPT series is characterized by a solid steel, compact design and high torsional stiffness. Each device can be adapted for specific needs, with a high nominal lifting capacity and a variety of forks, support wheels and rollers. As a result, STILL HPS / HPT hand pallet trucks are widely used in production and trade retail, logistics services, workshops with narrow aisles, the transport of goods, and the loading and unloading of trucks. Regardless of which companies they're used in, STILL hand pallet trucks are popular amongst many users. They are well-liked due to a number of ergonomic solutions making work comfortable: from the easy-to-use drawbar to the guide rollers and hydraulic overload protection.



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