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High lift stackers


that like to outreach themselves

With the STILL high lift stackers you will always have both hands on the organisation of your warehouse. Even in the smallest aisles, you will easily move up to two tons with these compact trucks. And more: Thanks to high residual capacities, you will be able to densify your warehouse to make best use of the available space. Benefit from storage heights of over five metres. High Lift Stackers with air-suspended platforms and top driving speeds of up to 10 km/h guarantee swift and healthy pallet transport also over long driving distances.

But the STILL high lift stackers are not only fast and strong - they are also exceptionally intelligent. For example, the optional load capacity diagram on the EXV shows you at one glance how high the current load can be lifted. Besides this, there are smart assistance systems like Curve Speed Control. This system automatically controls cornering speeds, so that you will always travel fast and safe.


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Basic Truck Application Type Operational Area Special / Attachment
E Electric Pallet Truck
F Fixed Platform Truck
C Classic Application
X X-cellence Application
V Vertical Lift
P Pallet Pick-up Flexible
SF Stand-On Platform Foldable
CB Counterbalanced



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STILL high lift stackers - helpers in rack management

STILL hight lift stackers are compact vehicles designed for the horizontal transport of loads, as well as for lifting, stacking and retrieving from a height of more than 6 metres above floor level. With a maximum load capacity of 2 tons, a variety of masts, high residual capacities and an ergonomic design, STILL lift trucks enable effortless and efficient storage of the most common types of load on racking systems. Compact design makes every lift truck from STILL easy to operate in narrow aisles and cramped spaces. This has a positive impact on occupational safety and allows for load distribution to maximise storage density. A choice of battery variants, with integrated battery charger or side battery exchange, ensures high truck availability throughout the shift, even in busy sites. This means that the forklift truck can be adapted to the specific requirements of each company in order to maximise the efficiency of the material handling process. STILL's extensive range of electric lift trucks also includes models with a drawbar for pedestrian operation, variants with an extendable pneumatic platform and side-mounted lift trucks with a seat.

Pedestrian lift trucks with ergonomic drawbar

High lift stackers with a drawbar for pedestrian operation are an ideal solution for unloading trucks, transporting goods to buffer zones and placing them on the shelves there. These types of vehicles have a maximum travel speed roughly equivalent to walking speed and so are particularly recommended for use in transporting loads over relatively short distances. All pedestrian high lift stackers offered by STILL are equipped with an ergonomic, symmetrical drawbar. This feature allows travel control functions and hydraulic fork/vertical load movement to be performed equally well by left and right-handed workers. The electric drive means that the operator hardly needs to use their own strength to drive the vehicle, so physical stresses and fatigue levels are low at the end of a shift. In addition, processes carried out using drawbar-guided electric lift trucks are not subject to manual transport