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Hybrid Technology

The smart STILL drive system with hybrid technology components

Hybrid technology is one of our answers to the question how to make diesel-powered trucks even more eco-friendly. This innovative drive system comprises a fuel-efficient diesel engine that powers a generator, a controls unit and an electric motor. The smart control unit controls the electric power for the motor.

  • Characterised by high efficiency and a long service life
  • Convinces in eco-friendliness and sustainability by drastically reduced emissions
  • The electric brake is completely wear free
  • Trucks with hybrid technology operate virtually noiseless

The diesel-electric drive: overview of the benefits

  • Controlled engine characteristics
  • Optimised for efficiency
  • Minimum noise emission and vibration
  • Notably reduced fuel consumption
  • Eco-friendly due to minimised CO2 emission

The major strength of the diesel-electric drive from STILL lies in its overall efficiency and its long service life. This high performing drive system consists of a generator, an intelligent control unit and an electric motor. The generator is driven by a fuel efficient diesel or LPG engine. The control unit regulates the current and transmits it to the electric motor when needed.


This innovative drive technology makes the STILL diesel trucks the diesel trucks with the lowest fuel consumption and the lowest CO2 emissions worldwide.* This is not only good for your budget but also for our environment.

Thanks to this drive the truck combines all the advantages of a powerful internal combustion drive with the sensitiveness of an electric truck. The electronically controlled motor allows the truck to stop still on any slope without the brakes being set.

An additional advantage of the electric brake is that it works completely wear-free. On top of this all components are capsulated - very important for outdoor operation (e.g. in the construction material industry) to prevent dust and humidity from getting inside. However the STILL gearbox is not only most advanced in this respect.

Also the driving characteristics can be easily adapted with a programmable control to flexibly match the demand. This makes your truck fit for all kinds of applications. From the first turn of the electric motor with its high torque moment it provides much force, e.g. for bulk material handling, when towing trailers or for quick acceleration when driving up ramps. The energy saving and low wear of the basic concept not only saves fuel costs for our customers but also a considerable amount of service costs. Many reasons to opt for STILL when thinking about a future investment.

*applicable for RX 70-25: 2.5 l diesel/hour according to VDI 2198 new. Thanks to its low fuel consumption the C02 emissions are reduced by up to 60% (compared to other models)

STILL Products with Hybrid technology

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