The rental offer - What does STILL's rental fleet include?

In Europe, STILL offers you a huge selection of 70 different vehicle types. Over 26,500 items of rental equipment are available for you! We are able to offer the right equipment for any task.

Whether you need classic counterbalance forklift trucks with electric, diesel or LPG drives, warehouse trucks, reach trucks, order pickers or tow tractors. We've got what you need!

Even special accessories and accessory equipment such as fork adjusting devices, special forks, bale rolls/roll clamps or double pallet clamps are included in our rental range. You’ll get everything under one roof!

The rental offer - where can I rent from?

We at STILL are there for you, everywhere and at all times! With rental centres in all major European countries, we’ll guarantee you the best availability.

Our experienced rental experts are on hand and happy to advise. Through personal discussions, we can find the right rental equipment for every requirement.

Here you can find a contact person for an individual consultation.

The rental offer - How flexible can the rental be?

We at STILL offer you rental equipment over flexible periods, whether that's for days, weeks or months.

Whether you have decided on just a short term or have plans for the long term: You can rely on our rental service! This means you are always prepared at peak times should one of your items of equipment fail.

Rental - How must the rental equipment be insured

Essentially, the hirer is obliged to take out sufficient liability insurance cover for each rental vehicle. In addition, the hirer must insure the rental vehicle against fire and theft.

The customer is free to take out machinery breakage insurance with an insurance provider of his/her choice. More information on this subject can be found in the terms and conditions.

Rental - When will I receive an invoice?

You will receive the first invoice for the rental directly after the start of the rental period. Should the rental period extend over several months, an invoice will be sent to you automatically each month.

After the rental equipment has been returned, STILL will draw up a record of the return – you will then finally be charged for any damage to the rental vehicle.

Rental - Questions arise during the rental?

STILL will be on hand throughout the whole rental period. For any questions, maintenance and Full Service work. STILL is there for you! Naturally, you can extend the rental period, even after the start of the rental. Please be aware that the user obligations are defined in our Terms and conditions.

Here you can find a contact person in your area.

Rental - Is the vehicle delivered or do I have to collect it myself?

STILL can optionally organise delivery there and back for you, and deliver the rental vehicle directly to the place of use. There is a charge associated with this service. However, you can also collect the rental equipment yourself, or have it collected.

Rental - How do I receive a rental agreement?

After determining your exact requirements, you will receive a concrete offer, which you will need to sign and return to STILL. In association with the General Rental Agreement Conditions, the signed offer will become your rental agreement.

The damage procedure - What happens if the equipment is damaged?

The customer is liable for all damage "not due to wear". He/She is obliged to report any damage immediately to STILL. The customer will be charged by STILL for this damage. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

However if damage is cause, this will be quickly and professionally repaired by STILL. In the case of a repair taking longer, the customer will immediately receive replacement equipment!

Accessories - Can I also rent tugger-train elements?

You can rent a number of tugger train accessories including E-frames, C-frames and trolleys from STILL.

Accessories - Can I also rent accessory equipment for special tasks?

For all counterbalance forklift trucks, STILL also offers accessory equipment for rental. From side shifting devices, through to special-length forks, fork adjusting devices and specialist clamps, STILL can provide you with the widest range of accessories.

No matter what you require, or whatever tasks await the rental equipment, STILL will have the right accessory equipment for you!

Accessories - Where can I obtain replacement batteries, e.g. for multi-shift use?

In normal use, a battery will last for the duration of a shift before it has to be recharged. For multi-shift use, STILL therefore offers replacement batteries for most rental vehicles.

This means that one battery can always be charged whilst the other is being used and the vehicle is thus ready for operation around the clock. When requesting a replacement battery, STILL will of course also deliver the necessary equipment.

Service and insurance - What should I bear in mind?

STILL's modern rental fleet guarantees efficient working using the newest technology. Naturally, with STILL your rental includes a full service, i.e. there are no consequential costs for maintenance or repair.