Extending the battery life of your forklift truck is essential...

Battery maintenance example charging area

The service life of a battery in the context of material handling equipment such as a forklift truck is directly related to proper maintenance. 

Here are all our tips for maintaining the battery of your forklift truck to keep it in the best condition for as long as possible.

  • Check that the thorough inspection certificate is up to date.
  • Handle the battery with suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Check water levels at least once per week, preferably after each charge cycle.
  • Top the battery up with de-mineralised water (purified).
  • Top up the water only after charging.
  • Check for signs of damage to the cables and plugs.
  • Charge the battery when the indicator shows that 10-20% of the power is left or when operating functions are restricted.
  • Ensure the battery receives a full charge.
  • Allow the battery to rest after charging for at least two hours.
  • Before starting work, check the condition of the MHE and safety devices.

Areas to consider / avoid:

  • Topping up water before charging.
  • Topping up water with tap water.
  • Interrupting a charge cycle.
  • Unplug the charger plug without turning off the charger.
  • Opportune charging (without checking its condition).
  • Leaving MHE with a problem (without reporting it).
Maintain your battery to ensure the best possible condition

In summary

    Maintaining the battery of your forklift truck to extend its life is essential. Apply all our tips to extend the life of your battery!

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