FEM 4.004 Inspection

At least once a year – as required by law – forklift trucks must undergo a thorough examination check in accordance with the Industrial Trucks Regulations. According to this accident prevention regulation, the users are personally responsible for the safety of their forklift trucks.


STILL's work in the thorough examination check is as quality conscious as in all the other areas: from checking the forks right up to measuring the length of the load chains – all details are thoroughly and accurately checked with special test equipment and recorded in the Test Report.


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Material in a toughness test

The thorough examination runs to a general assessment of the state of the industrial truck and its equipment. In particular the following items are put to the test:

  • Steering, brakes, wheels, controls and drive
  • Hydraulic system, mast, hoist chains, load pick up equipment (forks etc.)
  • Overhead guard