How the Energy Crisis is Affecting the Logistics Industry

Electric forklift

The logistics industry has faced numerous challenges in recent years. Changes in customer demand, workforce shortages, and supply chain pressures have all played a significant role in disrupting the industry. However, surging energy costs presents the logistics sector with perhaps one of its most difficult challenges to date.

Navigating this unstable geopolitical situation is no easy task for logistics companies. But how exactly is it affecting the industry? And what actions can logistics managers take to minimise the impacts of this unpredictable climate? We take a closer look in this month’s blog.

Energy Prices are a Leading Concern

As European Union leaders scramble to find new energy supply sources, those in logistics are faced with rapidly increasing prices. In a Business Insights Report by the Office for National Statistics, 22% of companies cited energy prices as their top concern. More specifically, a staggering 56% of logistics and storage businesses reported facing higher energy costs as the crisis materialised (November 2022).

The sudden sharp rise in energy prices has resulted in increased operating costs for many logistics and warehousing businesses, with 37.3% forced to pass on these costs to their customers. The threat of power outages and blackouts also poses a dire risk to logistics and order fulfilment, so the crisis has made looking for money-saving alternatives a necessity. Coupled with the effects of climate change, the need for energy-efficient forklift equipment is more apparent than ever.

E-electric Forklifts Can Help Reduce Costs

Making the switch to electric forklift trucks can compensate for inflated energy bills. One of the major appeals of an electric forklift is the lower operating costs which can make them an excellent long-term investment.

Electric trucks, such as the RX family by STILL, deliver an economical and energy-efficient solution to transport tasks, without compromising on power or productivity. The energy-consumption costs for an electric-powered forklift are significantly cheaper – the cost of recharging an electric truck is a fraction of the price of refuelling a truck with gas. Electric forklift motors are dependable – they stop completely when not in use and use fewer moving parts and fluids than IC machines. The trucks therefore require less maintenance meaning considerably less hours lost. Coupled with the fact they produce zero emissions and minimal noise, upgrading your forklift fleet to electric enables you to create an all-round safer working environment while also saving money.

Li-ion Batteries Offer an Economical Solution

STILL L-Ion quality

In the current climate, improving efficiency by lowering energy consumption is paramount to counteracting rising costs. One proven way to reduce operating costs is deploying forklift trucks that use a li-ion battery (aka a lithium-ion battery).

As pioneers in electromobility, our STILL Li-ion technology offers the highest battery quality. Not only are our li-ion batteries maintenance-free, but they provide optimal power at lower energy consumption. Compared to a lead-acid battery, li-ion batteries offer 2.500 - 4.000 full charging cycles, rather than 1.200 - 1.300, alongside twice the service life. Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting, don’t need to be swapped, and don’t decline in performance as the battery discharges – meaning you get maximum productivity and less downtime.

The Future of Forklifts is Electric

Logistics is an energy-intensive environment, and, in the face of shortages, energy needs to be used rationally to ensure businesses remain resilient. When the future of energy resources is uncertain, updating your forklifts to electric machines provides the opportunity to lower costs in the long run.

We offer the complete STILL fleet as li-ion forklifts and the lead-acid battery on many forklift trucks can easily be replaced by a li-ion battery to help you reduce operating costs. What’s more, with our Energy Performance Promise, we guarantee 100% top battery quality for up to 5 years, so why not request a demo now? Or, why not contact us today to learn more about switching your trucks to electric forklifts?

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