How electric forklift trucks create cleaner, eco-friendly warehouse spaces!

eco-friendly warehouse spaces

In this article, we explore the real benefits of electric forklift trucks and how they create cleaner, eco-friendly and safer warehouse spaces...

Materials handling equipment has always needed to be safe, reliable and efficient. As well as considering the impact on their operations, warehouse operators now have an additional consideration in mind when choosing equipment: how eco-friendly it is? The effect of warehouse operations on a businesses’ emissions and energy consumption has never been more important than it is today.

So what are the short-term benefits of electric forklift trucks?

There are many benefits to electric forklift trucks over their diesel counterparts. They are quieter, more efficient, more reliable and perhaps most importantly, do not generate emissions. This last point is relevant for those working in warehouses as well as the overall impact on the environment. Warehouses using electric forklift trucks do not have the same ventilation requirements as those using diesel trucks which emit carbon dioxide and they definitely make for a more pleasant working environment. A warehouse with electric forklift trucks will be quieter, cleaner and more efficient.

As STILL MD Torsten Wicker points out in his comparison of Electric vs IC engine forklifts, “the obvious benefit for switching to an electric forklift from diesel or LPG, is helping the environment and reducing your operational carbon footprint. Beyond that, the other benefits are performance, application, lower maintenance and operating costs, plus quieter, cleaner working environments for your staff.”

So what are the real efficiency benefits of electric forklift trucks?

As well as providing short-term benefits there are also long-term benefits, both for organisations and for the environment, when using electric forklift trucks. The key factor is that electric engines are more efficient at transforming energy into power and therefore less energy is required to operate an electric forklift than one using a diesel or LPG engine.

Less energy is required and with reliable, modern electric trucks, the maintenance downtime is kept to a minimum. This, plus reduced charging times, enables you to keep your forklifts in operation for longer whilst maintaining their reliability.

efficiency benefits of electric forklift trucks

The importance of sustainability

Organisations are increasingly focused on reducing the impact of their operations on the environment. This reflects the motivations of staff and consumers who are more environmentally conscious than ever before. A GlobalData survey in 2019 found that 45% of UK consumers now actively buy products that are environmentally friendly, and a further 41% keep these issues in mind when purchasing. Transparency and accountability are increasingly important, so your warehouse needs to be as eco-friendly as your products.

It’s not just consumers who demand that organisations are sustainable, it’s the workforce too. 77% of companies believe their sustainability strategy has a positive impact on employee engagement and retention. By making positive changes, like making use of electric forklift trucks, organisations can keep their customers and staff engaged and position themselves as forward-thinking and socially responsible.

Existing and planned regulations

The emission standards of non-road mobile machinery are regulated by the European Commission’s Stage V standards which were introduced in January 2019. These standards specify the limits on emissions of particulate matter for newly purchased diesel and LPG forklifts.

While this has improved the standards of trucks available it is part of a longer-term plan to completely phase out the usage of IC forklift trucks. The current date for the complete ban on combustion-engine vehicles is now 2030. Many warehouse managers will have transitioned their fleets across to electric vehicles long before this date.

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The STILL RX 60 is our top of the range electric forklift truck and is available in 2.5-3.5t, 3.5-5t and 6-8t models. It offers the highest handling performance in its class and features a comfortable workstation with an outstanding field of vision, intuitively placed controls and smart assistance systems.

As an electric forklift the RX 60 produces zero emissions and is more efficient to run than a diesel forklift. It uses our top-quality Li-ion batteries. More efficiency doesn’t mean less power, the RX 60 has the highest handling performance in its class. Being battery powered means no restrictions on availability – this truck combines minimum energy consumption with maximum performance and can power through two complete shifts without a break to recharge – it has the longest range per battery charge in this class.

As more warehouses transition to part or fully electric fleets we’re able to provide industry-leading equipment and solutions to ensure businesses are supported and ready to make their warehouses as eco-friendly as possible!

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