A guide to buying the right used forklift truck

Buying a used Forklift Truck.

So you've made up your mind, your next forklift truck will be a second-hand one. Indeed, this is the right choice if you are working to tighter budgets and want more cost-effective equipment. Of course, if you purchase directly from the manufacturer, you could also benefit from their warranties (dependant on the standard / condition of the truck when purchased). Purchasing used forklift trucks is a good way to own your equipment and save money at the same time.

So how do go about buying a second-hand forklift truck without making a mistake? What are the legal obligations when buying a used forklift truck? What documents do you need to ask for?

All these questions are answered here. Read this article to find out how to choose the right forklift truck, obtain all the necessary documents and find out about the legal requirements that come with your second-hand purchase.



What documents are required?

You may request a legible certificate of conformity or a up to date Thorough Examination certificate

"When selling, renting, transferring or making available for any reason whatsoever, with a view to its use, second-hand work equipment, the person in charge of the operation shall give a certificate of conformity by which he certifies that the product concerned complies with the technical rules applicable to it."

What should I do with the Declaration of Conformity?

The product supplier should pass it down the supply chain to the end user as in most cases the final purchaser is entitled to receive a copy of the Declaration of Conformity for the particular product. If you are aware of products (other than those for which a Declaration of Conformity doesn't have to be provided, such as electrical equipment under the Low Voltage Directive) which do not have a Declaration of Conformity, then the supplier should obtain the correct one before supplying the product.

Purchasers should retain Declarations of Conformity as they provide documentary evidence that a product complied with the safety requirements applying to that product when first placed the market, or brought into use, and so have met their duty under Regulation 10 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). This is particularly important for lifting accessories and lifting machinery not requiring assembly or installation on site where the Declaration of Conformity may be a valid substitute for the initial through examination before first use under the Lifting Equipment and Lifting Operations Regulations 1998 (LOLER). Additionally, for lifting equipment subject to LOLER you may need to provide copies of this documentation if you transfer such equipment to another or take a copy of it with you if you use the lifting equipment at another location.

Hirers may also need to copy the Declaration of Conformity onto to users so that users can meet their statutory obligations under LOLER.



What to check before buying used equipment?

Please pay attention to the following details when you make your used equipment purchase:

  • You need to check the FEM conformity (i.e. the technical conformity of the equipment).
  • Check the hour counter – so you know the number of hours it has been used. This is always useful to know the equipment condition which is not always apparent from the outside.
  • Check the external appearance and wear: condition of the tyres, forks, mast, etc.
  • Ask about the wear and tear of the battery. Indeed, if the battery is at the end of its life, you may have to replace it quickly and this will pose a significant cost on the price of a second-hand machine. Again, dependant on the standard/condition of the truck sold direct from the manufacturer, we will offer warranties or be able to regenerate the battery to the required need.
  • Check that the equipment has a restraint system: this is required by law.

Some precautions to take!

Apart from the points mentioned above, it is important to take a few more precautions before investing in a second-hand forklift truck!

  • The maintenance log book will provide you with valuable information on how the truck has been maintained. Remember to check that the truck has been regularly serviced to ensure long term peace of mind.
  • Especially for trucks with significant lift, be sure to read all previous Thorough Examination reports for the machine and check that everything is in order.
  • It is always beneficial to purchase used trucks which have been serviced in full.
  • Check the manufacturer’s refurbishing process as this is essential to ensure the overall quality of the equipment. Please see attached available conditions.

Where to buy a used forklift truck?

There are several ways to buy a used forklift truck. You will find cheaply priced equipment online via an array of websites like eBay or Gumtree but to ensure maximum quality and to benefit from maintenance support and warranties, it is safer to go to the manufacturers themselves to choose from a wide range of quality refurbished forklift trucks. We currently have over 100 trucks on our website ready to be sold.

If you do not see the truck you require on our website please contact us directly as we have end of contract trucks coming back on a weekly basis. As a manufacturer, we also have access to used trucks across all our other depots in Europe.



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