6 'Agile Logistics' solutions to drive efficiency in your warehouse

Agile networking logistic solutions

Today’s warehouses are under increasing demand to satisfy both customer and business owners through faster deliveries and lower operational costs. Applying 'agile logistics' to your warehouse can bring efficiencies to your distribution and how your material handling equipment is used whilst saving time and money. We’ll talk you through 6 innovative solutions which STILL offer in their product portfolio.

What is ‘Agile Logistics’?

'Agile Logistics' is the integration of flexible and real-time solutions to your supply chain as a response to the demands of the customer. By applying agile thinking to the way goods are transported and materials handling equipment is used across the warehouse; efficient improvements and competitive advantages can be achieved.

With click on demand, next day delivery and seasonal products expected by consumers, the challenge for manufacturers and distributors is to facilitate demand while driving down operational costs.

Fortunately, in today’s materials handling landscape there’s several innovative product solutions capable of dealing with the fast-paced logistics world. Here is an introduction to some of these solutions made here at STILL.

1. Warehouse Automation

One of the most impressive innovations in recent years has been the introduction of automated systems in warehouses. Autonomous systems and completely automated warehouses are extremely expensive to implement and often require complete redesigns of warehouses. STILL on the other hand offers more realistic automated solutions that are scalable within an existing warehouse, identifying the potential improvements possible. The iGo range from STILL offers a flexible platform for automation starting with assisted driving technology all the way to self-driven autonomous trucks.

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2. Short-term Rental

Lead Time

Managing the fast-paced and seasonal consumer demands requires an agile fleet of materials handling equipment. However, instead of owning a large-scale fleet of forklifts and order pickers, renting additional trucks at the right time can facilitate spikes in demand, prevent delays and reduce your total fleet costs.

Achieving an agile solution through short-term rental requires a detailed understanding of consumer trends and a trusted rental truck provider. At STILL we have a fleet of 30,000 rental trucks across Europe on hand to facilitate those seasonal peaks when you need them most.


3. Shuttle Racking Systems

Looking to make the most out of your warehouse space, while saving time in retrieving goods from storage? A shuttle racking system will offer higher flexibility and turnover performance than conventional storage racking thanks to the use of an automatic shuttle that makes storage a semi-automated process. With shuttle racking, goods are stored several rows deep and are facilitated by a shuttle that picks up goods from the front of the storage rack and takes it backwards to the next available slot.

The STILL pallet shuttle rack system can be configured towards either a LiFo (Last-in-First-out) or FiFo (First-in-First-out) retrieval process, making it flexible towards different warehouse layouts.

Offering high levels of stock accuracy and security supported by conventional reach or counterbalance trucks for feed in or retrieval.

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4. Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks

To utilise every meter of space in the warehouse, thinking ‘vertically’ can help store more goods and bring further agile efficiencies. Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks take the reach truck concept a step further by utilising their incredible reach capabilities and reducing the truck’s footprint, enabling high-level narrow-aisle storage rack set-ups to really maximise storage space.

A STILL VNA truck can not only reach and retrieve goods weighing up to 1.5 tonnes, 18 metres up in the air, but does so with assistive driver technology. Ensuring both the driver and goods are safe throughout the operation. Recent adaptions also allow for non-standard pallet configurations to be handled.

5. Lower ‘Total Cost of Ownership’

'Agile Logistics' cover both the short-term, high consumer demands and longer-term factors like total cost of ownership. Running a fleet of forklifts, reach trucks and order pickers will always have a cost; through their initial purchase or lease, their fuel, spare parts and maintenance. The total cost of ownership can be reduced by operating the more efficient diesel or gas forklifts available today. Machines such as the STILL RX 70 offer lower emissions, outstanding fuel efficiency, extended tyre life and an extremely low maintenance cost which all contribute to a lower TCO (total cost of ownership). Along with a reduction of carbon footprint in the modern agile-driven world of logistics, these cost savings can then be passed on to customers.



6. Telematics

The use of 'Fleet Management' to better measure and fine tune the utilisation of your fleet of equipment, along with more accountability for damage and misuse have become a powerful lever in controlling your TCO.

Experts in 'Agile Logistics'

At STILL, we act as a partner to our customers by providing proactive solutions which are ready to handle fast-paced consumer demands while minimising operational costs. Whether it’s automated solutions, space saving shuttle racking or a short-term rental truck that you need, our 'agile logistics' experts are on hand to offer their support.

Contact us to find out more.


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