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Make the most of your time. The new STILL RX 60.

Get comfortable in the new STILL RX 60 and prepare to feel your heart racing with excitement as soon as the clock starts ticking. With intralogistics processes now being dealt with in a matter of seconds, you need our acceleration champion to help claw back your precious time. From the first moment, you'll find the perfect balance of power, ergonomics, manoeuvrability and energy efficiency which is truly electrifying. The RX 60-25/35 is not just a high performer – it’s one of the very best in its class. Experience moving 258 tonnes in just 3600 seconds using this new powerhouse. Enjoy the freedom demonstrated by the top range per battery charge as you load pallets for 32,400 seconds without having to stop for the battery to be recharged. Get comfy in the best workstation imaginable, including perfectly arranged control elements, maximum leg room, an impressive all-round view and the unique STILL Easy Control on-board computer. With this piece of equipment, you are only ever one click away from your favourite performance functions and you can always see the relevant performance data at a glance. It’s time to set new standards: experience your RX 60 seconds now!

  • Exceptional performance: highest handling performance in its class

  • Maximum availability: highest range with one battery charge

  • Best workplace: spacious cabin with STILL Easy Control on-board computer

The accelerator - Time for a new champion


The greatest performance of all time.

Got a lot on your plate? It’s time to stop wasting your time! No other forklift truck will allow you to move more goods in less time. The new RX 60 is the electric truck with the highest handling performance in its class. Whether you need it to move high or wide or both, our acceleration champion will help you save precious seconds every time you transport a pallet. You can control the power with precision to guarantee that you can get goods to where they need to be in record time. Developed and designed for applications that require you to think big.

258 tonnes in 3600 seconds

Your 3600 seconds will be electrifying as you move 258 tonnes 200 metres away. Experience the top handling power in this class of forklift trucks.

7.4 metres in 11 seconds

Your 11 seconds will be electrifying as you lift 3.5 tonnes to a height of 7.4 metres. Get ready to unleash performance with precision at the highest level.

Are you ready for an electrifying performance that won't disappoint for a single second?

Check out the data sheet for further details on all of the truck features or arrange a consultation now if you can’t wait to try out the RX 60 for yourself.



The holder of the new record for reach.

Power is mass multiplied by acceleration. We add endurance on top of that! After all, what use is handling power if you can’t rely on it for your whole shift? Make yourself comfortable in the new RX 60 and power through for eight hours without having to recharge thanks to the longest range per battery charge in this class. Plus, this electric powerhouse starts up in "quick-start" mode whilst you’re still getting settled so you can get to work right away.

Next charging break? Not for another 32,400 seconds!

Your 32,400 electrifying seconds of continuous use without charging. Get going with the longest range per battery charge in its class.

Get going in 0.5 seconds

Your electrifying half a second as the new RX 60 starts up. You can get the forklift truck going whilst you are still getting settled.

Are you ready for electrifying availability that won't disappoint for a single second?

Check out the data sheet for further details on all of the truck features or arrange a consultation now if you can’t wait to try out the RX 60 for yourself.



The best workstation – no question.

The heading says it all really but trust us when we say that you’ve got to experience it for yourself to believe it. With generous leg room, perfectly arranged control elements and an all-round view that is second to none, it doesn’t get better than the driver workstation in the new RX 60. Not to mention that you always have the STILL Easy Control by your side as a smart on-board computer that you won’t be able to do without.

Comfort in the space of a second

Your initial electrifying second that will be followed by a whole load more. Get comfortable in the most incredible workstation imaginable.

Full control at ALL times.

Your electrifying seconds as you use the STILL Easy Control on-board computer. Stay in full control, with your choice of performance controls just a click away and all of the relevant truck data available at a glance.

Are you ready for electrifying ergonomics that won't disappoint for a single second?

Check out the data sheet for further details on all of the truck features or arrange a consultation now if you can’t wait to try out the RX 60 for yourself.


Independent forklift truck test F+H

"Breaking the performance barrier"

"Still delivers a first in forklift testing that will really make you sit up and take notice."


“STILL is setting new standards in the electric counterbalance truck segment with the high-performance model in its RX60 series. Never before in our long test history has a forklift with an electric drive been so productive.“


“The high-performance model in the new series from the Still powerhouse accelerates, lifts and drives as powerfully as a diesel counterbalance truck, but without generating the high noise and exhaust emissions typical of combustion engines.“


„“If we look at its practical operational time, our test forklift lasts almost 1.5 working days on a single battery charge. The operating time is theoretically unlimited if the lithium-ion battery is quickly recharged during breaks.“

Best in class electric forklift compared to:

Electric forklift trucks

Diesel forklift trucks

LPG forklift trucks

Application photos

Strong on gradients

Up and down at full power? A piece of cake for the RX 60! With a load of 2500kg and a gradient of 10%, our powerhouse can drive 610m ten times in a single hour. What's more, everything is kept in view thanks to the sophisticated new mast design.

At home indoors and outdoors

Whether in the warehouse or outside, the all-rounder is an ideal assistant for the most wide-ranging transportation tasks throughout all sectors. Thanks to high battery capacities and lateral battery change, the RX 60 is ideally suited for multi-shift operations.

Precision right up to its tips

Goods are stored precisely, which is effortlessly possible thanks to the truck’s highly sensitive hydraulics. The high-performance versions (the RX 60-25/35) can also lift and accelerate faster than ever.

Always in good company

No matter what challenge you are facing, the RX 60 series always has a tailored solution for you thanks to a wide range of versions. We have the right model for all areas of use, tailor-made for any assignment profile due to numerous equipment options.

Hard shell, comfortable core

Lean back and get comfortable right from the start. The air-sprung driver’s seat with lots of comfortable benefits is a real ergonomic advantage. The spacious driver’s cab offers you several storage compartments. The Easy Control also provides you with all the information you need at a glance, and all performance functions are just a click away.

Agility in even the tightest of spots

It won’t hit anything - even tight spaces are no problem thanks to its extremely small turning radius, compact truck dimensions and extremely high manoeuvrability. All of which result in narrow aisle widths.

One product, with lots of options

From the work platform to extended prongs and tipping containers, right through to shovels and fork adjusters, you can easily upgrade any of our RX-60 models.

Model overview

Model Maximum capacity (kg) Maximum lift height (mm) Travel speed (km/h) Battery voltage (V)
RX 60-25 / Li-Ion 2.500 7.540 20 80
RX 60-25/600 / Li-Ion 2.500 7.540 20 80
RX 60-25L / Li-Ion 2.500 7.540 20 80
RX 60-25L/600 / Li-Ion 2.500 7.540 20 80
RX 60-30 / Li-Ion 3.000 7.540 20 80
RX 60-30L / Li-Ion 3.000 7.540 20 80
RX 60-30L/600 / Li-Ion 3.000 7.540 20 80
RX 60-35 / Li-Ion 3.500 7.540 20 80



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