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Going the extra mile and setting new standards

STILL service performance

For the last 100 years, first-class service has been at the heart of STILL’s business model. The methods may have changed over the years, but the aim remains the same: go the extra mile and set new standards.

Prompt and reliable service are the basis for every long-standing customer relationship. Hans Still was a firm believer in this recipe for success, which is why he provided his customers with bespoke service options alongside their products. One of the company’s first adverts promised all customers ‘schnelle Hilfe’ (‘speedy assistance’) and clearly stated: Even after you’ve made your purchase, STILL will be at your side, ready to provide prompt and professional assistance.

1947 kommen VW-Busse im STILL Design zum Einsatz

They‘ve got the look

Hans Still also recognised that service technicians have a key role in promoting the company brand. They are out and about every day, on the roads and at customer sites. In 1947, he therefore came up with the legendary ‘STILL Bullis’ – VW campervans with STILL branding, which he used as customer service vehicles. To complete the look, the company’s service technicians were also issued with STILL uniforms. In order to make the STILL service fleet even more recognisable, in 1978 model forklifts were added to the roofs of the service vans. The STILL vans became an iconic sight among the public and by 1984 there were almost 500 vans in circulation with mini forklifts on their roofs. Even when the model forklifts ultimately fell victim to concerns around poor aerodynamics and increased fuel consumption, the importance of the service technicians in promoting the STILL brand remained.


Expertise and innovation

As well as expanding its range of products, STILL has also built up extensive service expertise over the years. As early as the 1960s, the company’s regular technician training events were expanded and rolled out as a formal programme. Moreover, STILL has always been at the forefront of the latest service developments thanks to its innovative products. For instance, in 1972 STILL became one of the first companies in the sector to introduce a full service package for a monthly fee, giving customers complete control over their costs and greater confidence to plan for the future.


Sales and service – a powerful combination

2007 saw the launch of STILL’s internal ‘Partnership’ initiative, with the aim of strengthening the ties between service and sales and ensuring that processes are even more customer-focussed. By building this tight-knit alliance between its service and sales teams STILL is able to better meet its customers’ requirements with exactly the right products and service options.

With a service that is consistently thought through and based on the customer, STILL repeatedly and successfully sets itself apart from competitors. Companies throughout Europe and beyond appreciate this approach and place their trust in it.


Extensive expertise

Every one of STILL’s service technicians is an expert. STILL understands the importance of its staff having wide-ranging expertise and therefore invests in extensive training and continuous professional development. All service technicians know the ins and outs of every product line and are able to service mixed fleets, regardless of whether they are automatic, manual, or even include products from other manufacturers. This means customers benefit from a central contact for all service work – a provider who they have worked with for many years, who knows their company and processes inside out, and who can immediately identify ways to improve the safety and condition of their fleet – leaving them free to focus their efforts on their core business.

Service Performance


Quality parts

Customers can also rely on STILL to use high-quality components. Our 3,500 service technicians only ever install patented STILL Original Parts – no matter how urgent the job. The STILL replacement parts centre in Hamburg alone stocks more than 51,000 premium-quality original parts. These parts can be delivered to service technicians within 24 hours; in Europe orders placed by 16:00 will be ready in the service van the next morning.


97% satisfaction rate

At STILL, we set ourselves high standards: listen carefully, understand customers’ requirements and then meet them with top-quality reliable service. Only our customers can tell us how well we achieve our goals. That’s why STILL sends a customer satisfaction survey to an average of more than 10,000 service customers every year. The satisfaction rate currently stands at 97% – confirmation that we’re doing plenty right but also motivation to continue working to improve our service offering in collaboration with our customers.

Service Performance

Digital service transformation

The age of digital transformation is heralding in a brand new approach to managing, using and supplying service options. In the future, a customer will be able to submit a service order at the click of a button using a digital platform and then track its progress in real time. The first step is to make all information accessible digitally, ideally with real-time updates. This is exactly what the new STILL neXXt fleet applications are designed to do. For instance, the ‘Maintenance Control’ app provides customers with a summary of all maintenance and test dates and gives them direct access to digital copies of all maintenance documents and service reports.


Going interactive – the real game changer

The key development for the future is to make the customer’s service experience interactive, and therefore simpler. For instance, customers could scan a QR code on a product with their smartphone and, with the help of artificial intelligence, determine the current service requirements for the product, place a service order and monitor the status of their order in real time. Pilot projects to test these ideas are already underway at STILL.


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