The RC 42 - Features & Benefits!

RC 42

On 5th June 2019, STILL launched the new RC 42, diesel counterbalance forklift with hydro-dynamic transmission and capacities from 1.5 to 5.0 tonnes.

Robust and powerful, these torque converter machines boast a maximum speed (at full load) of up to 22km/h and the ability to tackle slopes of up to 20% incline without difficulty. These trucks are the perfect choice for the handling of goods in loading yards and on construction sites.

"The RC 42 stands out in this class due to the machine’s ergonomics", explains Paolo Ghezzi, Counterbalance Product Manager at STILL in Italy. "The driver's platform is large and spacious with an extremely comfortable seat. The cab is easily accessible and the rear handle (complete with the horn activation button) facilitates reverse driving operations". The operator can also benefit from the cab's 'fully suspended' system, which reduces ground vibrations and maximises comfort even during long shifts. Damped down lifting cylinders ensure maximum safety when handling even the most delicate loads. 

The attention and care paid to all aspects of construction and design is demonstrated by the engine hood which is made of premium quality metal to ensure maximum strength and functionality in all conditions of use, it is also equipped with a practical opening (over 90°) and sound-proof coatings. "These features simplify the service and maintenance operations and maximise comfort for the operator" concludes Ghezzi.

The extreme versatility of this counterbalance torque converter truck has been carefully designed to facilitate driving the vehicle in all conditions.

The particular shape of the counterweight (which in addition to optimising safety) ensures perfect visibility when reversing. The position of the lifting columns, sturdy but slim structure of the protective canopy all allow safe transportation of the load.

Another distinctive feature of the RC 42 is the ease of driving thanks to the precise, robust and sensitive hydro-dynamic transmission.

The operator dashboard is equipped with a multi-function display, foot pedal parking brake, convenient hydraulic levers (to the operator's right) an electronic gear selector and small diameter adjustable steering wheel which all give maximum manoeuvrability. 


The features and benefits

Technology and comfort

  • The optimised shape of the counterweight improves safety by minimising visual obstruction when in reverse
  • Availability of a lift handle and rear handle for optimal comfort when in reverse
  • Rear handle is equipped with a horn activation button
  • Smaller steering wheel (300 mm diameter) for optimal manoeuvrability
  • Hydraulic levers to the right of the operator for maximum comfort
  • Standard load backrest


  • Easy access to all parts
  • Hood can be opened beyond 90° for optimal access to engine compartment
  • Large engine compartment for convenient access to all parts
  • Mudguards for twin-wheel set-up


  • Fully-suspended cabin to reduce vibrations from the ground and to maximise operator comfort
  • Lifting cylinders dampened when descending for maximum safety when moving more delicate loads
  • Lifting masts for maximum visibility
  • Extremely robust driver’s cabin to ensure optimal visibility
  • Metal engine hood for maximum resistance and functionality
  • Elevated and spacious driving area, large operator platform
  • Operator dashboard equipped with multi-functional display
  • Pedal-operated parking brake
  • Electric selection for travelling direction.

For more information on the RC42, visit our product page!

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