Material handling equipment and their functions. The STILL MHE range explained.

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Safety is a huge element of warehousing and logistics, with an ever-increasing range of tools and equipment on the marketing to keep workers safe and minimise the risk of injury. The right equipment not only makes life easier for the operators, it can also help increase productivity and warehouse proficiency for the business as a whole. But with so many options and configurations available, it’s not always easy to find the right solution. In this blog post, we talk to Steve Gerrard, Sales Director at STILL, about our range of material handling equipment.

What is classed as material handling equipment?

Material handling relates to the moving of items and goods either by lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling. In the warehouse, it covers everything from the humble pallet truck to large, heavy-duty forklift trucks.

What role does MHE play in warehousing?

MHE exists to safeguard operators from the dangers of manual handling, while at the same time allowing them to performing their duties more efficiently. For businesses, it aims to enhance the speed of on-site operations which can give huge financial advantages to the company’s bottom line. With MHE, it simply would not be possible for operators to do their jobs at the kinds of speeds that is often required in a modern warehouse.

What types of MHE vehicles does STILL offer?

STILL offer the complete range and are truly a “one stop shop” for all MHE requirements. We offer lower-load entry equipment such as the Hand Pallet Trucks that start off the tiller-armed range, right through to a full range of engine-powered and counterbalance forklift trucks that can carry up to eight tons. We also have a versatile range of products for everything in between those two extremes, including horizontal, vertical and VNA order pickers to suit any warehouse layout.

STILL’s range offer total cost of ownership advantages brought about by our unique hybrid technology on our IC engine trucks, and our electric range provide energy savings thanks to longer running times than many of our competitors’ trucks.


What are the applications of the STILL MHE range across different industries?

It’s difficult to give specific examples, because STILL are one of the very few manufacturers that can offer equipment that covers all industry sectors. We can come into virtually any industry – whether that’s food and drink, manufacturing, heavy goods, retail and everything in between - and find products that can work in those environments. Our products are strong across all sectors, especially those where low emissions are a priority.

How does STILL's MHE range fit into an increasingly automated industry?

STILL are a leading player in automation and we always welcome invitations to discuss this technology with businesses showing interest in automation as we can cover semi-automation and full automation on many of the products within the range. Anywhere there is a prolonged, repetitive movement, automation should always be considered, and we have the expertise to talk to customers about their requirements and advise which of our product range can take that strain.

What makes STILL's MHE range unique?

STILL have always been recognised and admired as a premium manufacturer of material handling equipment and our vehicles have a well-deserved reputation for providing high levels of uptime within operations due to their reliability. I would say the low running costs of STILL equipment, alongside the company’s innovation, are the standout features of our equipment. Everything we offer is designed to meet the needs of modern warehouse logistics.

Are the STILL MHE ranges available to purchase or lease?

Both! We can offer all types of funding for hire or purchase, along with standout service packages designed to meet the business user’s needs.

There are lots of MHE options on the market. Do you help businesses find the right solution for them?

There are indeed many MHE options, however our focus is on finding the right solution for the end user. Our sales team are trained to the very highest standards, not just our own products but on application types so they have the all-round the knowledge to know what is right for our customers. We would visit a site to undertake a survey and, where needs be, offer the customer a demonstration to allow them to see our trucks in operation. We make sure to offer an all-round service that doesn’t focus on closing a sale, but on getting the right solution in place.

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