Sliding racks

Extremely high warehouse capacity thanks to optimised usage of space by the STILL sliding racks. The rows of this system are mounted on carriages and are moved by electric motors. This reduces the number of aisles. However, moving the racks makes it possible to access the goods at any time.

The sliding rack system is controlled by a contactless programmable system. Moving of the rack is acheived by pressing a button on the rack support, by wireless remote control via the truck terminal or by a superior control system.

Light bars are installed to protect pedestrians. Size and composure of the rack block is done on the specific customer requirements.

Your benefits

  • Very high capacity by optimum use of the space in the warehouse
  • Instead of one main aisle for trucks, it is also possible to open several narrower aisles for order picking
  • The system can be installed in several levels to gradually increase space of the warehouse

Would you like additional information?

Our customer service team is available to happily answer any questions you have regarding sliding pallet racks.



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