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A wheel is made up of a rim and a tyre and is mounted on an axle with the help of rotating bearings. The power needed to move a truck is carried from the axle, through the rim and finally via the tyre to the earth.

This makes wheels key to the stability, behaviour and turning radius of an industrial truck. A wheel must always function perfectly even in high pressure situations caused by uneven surfaces, the weight of the vehicle and load or acceleration and braking forces. That's why STILL Original Wheels are constantly being inspected for quality.


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STILL Original rollers are very versatile for use in various trucks, for instance as steering, trestle or mast rollers. Rollers are much smaller than wheels.


STILL Original rollers are always selected using high standards of quality and reduce the amount of wear and tear on movable parts, operate smoothly and quietly and improve the turnover rates of trucks.


The tyres on a counterbalance forklift are the point of direct contact between the vehicle and the ground. The tyres transfer the acceleration and braking forces to the surface and carry the entire weight of the lift while being irreplaceable in their role in steering and shock absorption for the vehicle. The strain that they are subject to daily is enormous and places high demands on the tyre's quality.


STILL offers three varieties of rubber tyres - Super Elastic tyres, solid rubber tyres and pneumatic (air) tyres - Of course all in Original STILL quality.

Original STILL Super Elastic Tyres

Super Elastic Tyres from STILL are multi-layered full tyres. They are made completely of a special rubber compound, are extremely resistant and are not air filled which means that they are only of limited effectiveness as an absorber of shocks and vibrations.


Original STILL Super Elastic Tyres are totally maintenance free and flat proof because of their make up. They provide a high level of quality with a low roll resistance and flexible handling possibilities because they can be mounted on rims made for pneumatic tyres.


Original STILL Super Elastic Tyres are suitable for in- and outdoor use.

Original STILL Solid Rubber Tyres

Solid rubber tyres from STILL are made of a very resistant rubber compound, without an air core and require a very small circumference. They do not act as a shock absorber.


Original STILL solid rubber tyres are totally flat proof and maintenance free. They are perfect for the transport of extremely heavy loads or in situations requiring precise handling.


Original STILL solid rubber tyres are designed for indoor use.

Original STILL Pneumatic Tyres

STILL pneumatic tyres are made of a special rubber compound and have an air core. Because of their characteristics, they provide excellent comfort and traction and are suitable for uneven surfaces.


Original STILL pneumatic tyres absorb shocks and jolts optimally and serve as a buffer for the vehicle, load and driver. They possess high lateral stability and low roll resistance even with heavy loads and in tight curves.


STILL pneumatic tyres are perfect for outdoor use.