Replacement parts - Simple maintenance, high operational readiness

Replacement parts

Service sets

Simple maintenance, high operational readiness

STILL Original service sets are customized, complete packages for autonomous maintenance and servicing of STILL trucks and lifts. Each set is optimally tailored for the corresponding STILL vehicle series and contains all of the necessary components for a comprehensive, independent servicing of the vehicle. Of course, STILL service sets contain only original STILL products such as filter sets, gaskets and brake fluid. Everything is perfectly coordinated and ready for use.


Only a regularly maintained forklift can be consistently available and fully productive over the long term. STILL Original service sets ensure smooth operation and help avoid incalculable costs later. A STILL service set contains everything you need to keep your vehicle in operation and allow you to process orders on time.

With an individually coordinated STILL Original service set, maintenance of a STILL truck is easier, requires less time and effort and is, therefore, more cost effective than buying the maintenance components individually.

Your benefits:

  • Simple maintenance, high operational readiness
  • Individually tailored, complete packages
  • Economical total price
  • Avoidance of expensive secondary expenses
  • Convenient handling

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