Service for All

Fast service for all your industrial trucks

Whatever the brand, whatever the repair - we have the solution!
We stand by your side with our traditional premium quality of our STILL Full Service for repair works on your forklift trucks - fast, with high quality and professionally. We have now made this offer even better for you with our Service For All. With over 25 000 spare parts of trucks from other manufacturers we keep your fleet ready at all times!

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Why Service For All?

Many forklift truck fleets comprise trucks not only from one single brand but from many different makers. Service inquiries, safety inspections, maintenances, repairs and much more can now be carried out much more efficiently for your whole fleet - thanks to our Service For All. No matter whether it is for STILL trucks or for trucks from other manufacturers, we keep your fleet ready for service at all times.

STILL fleet management - one contact for all trucks

Thanks to the STILL Service For All you do not need to look for a competent and professional service partner for each of your trucks. Your STILL service engineer will identify the needed spare part and solicit the order immediately - also for trucks of other brands, for example, Linde, Jungheinrich, Toyota or BT.

Our rule for spare parts: We keep a stock of parts that are frequently needed.
That raises availability and ensures your trucks and machinery is ready for operation. All spare parts are available at market prices for you. And invoicing does not need to be done with many different service partners, because our service will send you an overall invoice.

Service For All – whatever the brand, we have the solution!

Our service

  • Short term delivery in STILL quality for all trucks in your fleet
  • One contact for all trucks
  • Only one invoice for all repairs
  • 25 000 spare parts from other manufacturers
  • Only one technician at your site

-> Service For All

Your benefit

  • ... Higher availability
  • ... A better base for trust
  • ... Lower administration costs
  • ... Higher availability of your trucks
  • ... Less travelling expenses

-> No additional costs

...and does it work?

We have already introduced the STILL Service For All in many branches and subsidiaries. The experiences made by this extensive care for mixed fleets of our customers help us to continuously improve the Service For All for you.

Currently, our database covers about 25 000 spare parts for trucks from other manufacturers. As usual, these parts are delivered next day. And to save costs for you, we continuously work to extend our spare parts database.


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Our customer service team is available to happily answer any questions you have regarding Service 4 All.


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