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Finest Filtering Technology, Long Life

STILL's original filters fulfil the highest standards in filtering safety, performance, life span and cost effectiveness.

Our filter systems are produced by brand name manufacturers in accordance with STILL's high standards of quality and they undergo strict quality controls. This is true not only for hydraulic oil filters, but also for the fuel, air and oil filters for all of our trucks and equipment.


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Fuel Filters

Impurities in the fuel can lead to increased wear in combustion engines. Our STILL Original fuel filters remove impurities from the fuel and help to increase an engine's life span.


Dirty fuel can damage a diesel engine's fuel pump and injectors. Original fuel filters from STILL free the fuel of impurities such as dust or rust particles. This means that the components last longer and are more reliable.


Only selected, high quality materials are used in the production of STILL Original fuel filters. As in all STILL products, our fuel filters are custom produced and protect our STILL components against leakage.

Your benefits:

  • Clean the fuel and remove impurities
  • Help to increase the lifespan of a machine
  • Pollution and damage to the vehicle is prevented

Air Filters

Our STILL diesel aggregate motors only operate at their best with optimized fuel-air mixtures. STILL Original air filters ensure, with their optimized flow resistance, a high and constant efficiency and low fuel consumption.


Our STILL Original filters free the incoming air of impurities such as dust, sand and rust. This helps to guarantee optimal combustion and low emissions of harmful substances.


They also protect the combustion chamber from impurities which can lead to scoring and wear and tear in the engine.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal flow resistance
  • Optimal combustion and low pollutant emissions
  • Protection from impurities

Oil Filters

Modern, efficient engines require sufficient supply of oil to the lubricated areas such as pistons, piston rings and cylinders. Our STILL Original oil filters ensure optimal oil supply, prevent drops in performance and protect against motor damage.

The motor oil in aggregates is constantly subject to combustion residue, dust, oil carbons and rust. The use of STILL Original oil filters cleans the lubricant circuit and prevents premature wear and tear in the engine.


When the prescribed oil and filter service intervals are adhered to, STILL Original filters ensure constant, high levels of engine performance.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal oil supply
  • Cleaning of the lubricant circuit
  • Ensure consistent motor performance

Hydraulic Oil Filters

Availability of your machines and the powerful performance of the hub, tilt and steering cylinders are important characteristics of the STILL fleet which you use. Use of STILL Original hydraulic oil filters protects our modern hydraulic systems against wear and tear.

Solid matter particles created by friction and erosion as well as water and air bubbles are the most common kinds of impurity in hydraulic systems. Our STILL Original hydraulic oil filters free the oil of these impurities. Use of STILL Original hydraulic oil filters increase your engine's performance and availability.

Your benefits:

  • High availability of your machines
  • Protection against wear and tear
  • Support of engine performance and machine availability