Replacement parts - Ergonomic workplace for increased productivity

Replacement parts

Forklift Driver Seats

Ergonomic workplace for increased productivity

An ergonomic workplace is crucial for concentration, motivation and the ability to work without fatigue and strain on the employee's health. A driver's seat has to fulfil high demands on quality if the driver is to work efficiently and at their best.

STILL Original driver seats are designed according to ergonomic guidelines and provide a high degree of comfort as well as safety and user-friendly handling. STILL offers Original driver seats in a multitude of varieties and with a wide range of optional features - the perfect fit for any use.

Your benefits:

  • Ergonomic workplace for increased productivity
  • Ergonomic workstations for reduced fatigue
  • Helps prevent accidents
  • Long life and high quality
  • Flexible, variable and adjustable

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