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High availability, efficiency and user friendliness are not only characteristics of STILL vehicles - we demand the same of our forklift and warehouse technology replacement parts as well.

STILL Original Parts® are always at the leading edge in safety, technology, life span and fitting accuracy. And only STILL Original Parts® guarantee quick repair at the manufacturer's standards of quality!

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STILL Original Parts® Quality

Product and brand name piracy is not only terrible for the original manufacturer and the economy in general, but also for the buyer of such pirated copies. Fakes are not only produced under questionable conditions but are often of greatly inferior quality and hide serious risks to health and safety.

The supposedly lower initial price for these counterfeits is based on the absence of quality control and the use of inferior materials. The consequence is immeasurable ensuing damage and expense.


All Original Parts from STILL undergo extensive quality control processes, guarantee the highest degree of reliability and are tailored for the highest level of performance. STILL Quality - "Made in Germany".