Financing - Truck use with a money-back guarantee



Truck use with a money-back guarantee

With the BasicDynamic offer from STILL, all costs flexibly adjust to your usage of the truck. Completely transparent; you only pay for the actual operating hours - like you do for your electricity bill. The monthly instalment applicable for a year is a combination of the basic and the dynamic instalment. The first is a low basic fee already including full service. The dynamic part of the instalment covers a fixed price per hour of operation. Did you use the truck less than planned? Then we will immediately issue a credit note to you! You used the machine more than planned? No problem either, you simply and transparently cover the difference at the respective hourly rate. Thanks to the instalments that are independent of the hours of operation, BasicDynamic is perfectly suitable for all applications with volatile utilisation or utilisation that is difficult to plan. And because full service is already included, you can rely on permanent availability of our trucks without any unplanned costs.

There is no fairer way.


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