Winter Equipment

Smooth logistics operations at your company cannot be held back by seasonal weather conditions. A clean and safe working area is one of the cornerstones for fast and precise transportation of goods.

STILL auxiliary equipment ensures that you are well equipped for winter and autumn conditions. From the removal of the first falling leaves and the ploughing of snow through to preventive spreading of salt when fighting ice and snow build-up, we can provide easily mountable accessories and equipment to keep you prepared for anything.

Bucket Scoops

Even large piles of snow are no problem for the  STILL scoops which come in sizes up to 1m³. A cable pull system makes tipping of your load easy and convenient.

  • sizes: 0.5 to 1.0 m³
  • colour: orange



An all purpose tool for the removal of dirt, leaves or snow. Easily and quickly mounted and removed.

  • adjustable 
  • robust steel construction with durable brush elements (individually replaceable)
  • 1.5 and 2.0 m wide (additional widths available upon request)
  • colour: red


React quickly and clear away the worst of storms. Easily and quickly mounted or removed.

  • 1.5 and 2.1 m wide (additional widths available upon request)
  • adjustable
  • colour: orange

Spreaders and Trailers

  • spreading area adjustable for spreading areas from 1.0 up to 6.0 m 
  • for salt, sand, etc.
  • holds up to 105 litres
  • solid rubber tyres
  • protective tarp included
  • colour: red


For sand, salt and gravel. Easily adjustable and easily operated using the forklift's hydraulics. Keeps your drivers' routes and working areas safe.

  • holds up to 265 litres
  • colour: orange

Snow Chains

  • specially designed for forklifts and their high demands
  • fully hardened and galvanized (zinc plated) chains
  • asymmetrical cross chains with ice breakers for constant traction (D- shaped cross section of the chain links) and reduced vibration
  • tension created by lateral chains and tension levers
  • traditional mounting system with inner lateral chains for reliability even in the most extreme conditions
  • cross linked chains with reinforcements on the horizontal connections for better traction; 50% steel construction
  • specially welded rings between the structural and lateral chains offering higher reliability in any situation
  • internal chains with 2 stirrups for regulation and adjustment of the chain to varying tyre treads and stages of wear
  • double sided utilization possible for longer life
  • D- shaped strands 5.00mm and 5.70mm
  • packaging: gunny sack / Geotess pouch

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