STILL rack inspection

Be on the safe side

According to federal regulations in Germany racks and warehouse installations are work equipment and are subject to the Occupational Safety Directive and the operator is responsible for the operational safety.

You are accountable for the safety

DIN EN 15 635 requires a weekly inspection and an annual inspection which needs to be carried out by a trained expert.
While the weekly inspection can be made by the company itself, the annual insection requires special expert knowledge. Our rack inspectors are ready to carry out this legally required expert inspection.

The inspection is done systematically according to a detailed inspection protocol and is afterwards documented with a certification label. If you wish, we also monitor the inspection intervals for you so that you do not miss any inspection date.

Inspection procedure

Inspection of the rack is made during operation. The inspection scopes the following services:

  • Visual inspection of the installation according to the specifications, including load weight samples to verify that load limits are not exeeded.
  • Visual inspection according to work safety regulation BGR 234. All necessary safety installations are checked and tested.
  • Intensive visual inspection of the standard level. Check for defects on supports, mounts and beams, also in upper levels.
  • Visual inspection for deformation of rack parts according to DIN EN 15635. Sample measurements of horizontal and vertical alignment.



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