STILL Rack Inspection

Peace of Mind

According to the German Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs, racking and storage systems are work equipment and subject to the regulations for industrial safety and are, therefore, the responsibility of the employer and operator.

Your are responsible for safety

DIN EN 15 635 differentiates between weekly inspections and expert inspections which must be carried out every 12 months by trained inspectors.

While the weekly inspection can also be done by the operating company itself, the expert inspections require special expert knowledge. Our certified rack system inspectors are available and happy to help with these legally required expert inspections.

The inspection takes place systematically by means of a detailed inspection checklist and is then documented with an inspection badge. If you wish, we can also manage your storage system's future inspection schedule.

Inspection process

The storage system inspection does not require an interruption of your operations and include the following services:

  • Visual inspection of the racks' construction and specification compliance. Random checks are made to ensure that maximum load capacities are not exceeded.
  • Visual inspection of the BGR 234 of the commercial trade associations. We check that all required safety provisions are in place and working properly.
  • Random yet extensive visual inspection of the norm levels. We check (also in the upper levels) if stands, supports or crossbars show any signs of damage.
  • Random inspection of the system's parts and components for recognizable damage or strain in accordance with DIN EN 15635. A local measuring to ensure the verticality and straightness of all sections.



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