Push back and push through racks

Push back and push through racks are another cost efficient solution by STILL for optimum turnover.

Push back: Last in - First out

The push back rack is operated by the LIFO (last in, first out) principle. Goods are stored and retrieved at one point only. An inclination automatically moves the goods to the point of storage or retrieval. The rack is replenished by counter balance or reach trucks. The lowest level also with hand pallet trucks.

Your benefits push through racks

  • Optimum turnover according to the FIFO principle
  • Time saving when retrieving due to automatic movement of the pallets inside the rack
  • Separation of storage and retrieval

Push through racks: First in - First out

In push through racks the pallets roll down a slightly inclined channel to the place of retrieval. This makes sure that the pallet stored first is retrieved first (first in, first out). This system is often used as a buffer between two areas of production, for example, or in despatch areas as tour replenishment buffer stores or in warehouses for order picking.

Your benefits push back racks

  • Ideal buffer storage LIFO principle
  • Cost efficient alternative to push through racks
  • No brakes, stoppers or separators
  • Automatic movement of the pallets down the channel for retrieval

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