Low lift pallet trucks

Practical and convenient

Not only does STILL provide class-leading order picker/stacker trucks, but pedestrian low-lift pallet trucks as well. Our low lift pallet trucks raise their loads clear of the floor for transportation over both short and long distances.

For pedestrian operation the low lift pallet trucks are tiller controlled. Want the driver to ride on the truck? No problem! For rider operation there are low lift pallet trucks with a side seat or driver's stand on platform.

Maximum capacity (kg)Maximum lift height (mm)
up to 130 mmup to 2200 kgup to 125 mmup to 3000 kgup to 675 mmup to 2000 kgup to 130 mmup to 2400 kg
up to 125 mmup to 2500 kgup to 125 mmup to 2000 kgup to 125 mmup to 2500 kgup to 125 mmup to 2500 kg
up to 115 mmup to 3300 kgup to 115 mmup to 1500 kgup to 135 mmup to 3000 kgup to 135 mmup to 2000 kg
up to 125 mmup to 500 kgup to 110 mmup to 1200 kg
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